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Florida State Spring Football interviews: Tuesday 3/23

Hear from FSU head coach Mike Norvell, receivers coach Ron Dugans, and two offensive players

FSU Sports Information

Florida State heads back to the practice fields today to begin their third week of spring camp. After practice, we are scheduled to hear from FSU head coach Mike Norvell, a position coach to be named, and selected players (check back here later for full video of today’s interviews).

FSU held their first scrimmage of spring practice on Saturday, and Norvell said it was “a good work day” for the team.

“First time getting everybody together on the sideline. There were good plays on both sides. The first team offense really started well, scored on the first four drives. I thought the defense did a remarkable job in their response. Newcomers that just joined the program really flashed. We are showing improvement but we are still showing areas where we need to clean things up.”

In case you missed it, FSU posted a photo gallery and video from Saturday’s scrimmage; we also have analysis of that video.

You can follow along in the comments section where I’ll have live quotes from today’s press conference. We’ll also have updates on our Twitter.

FSU head coach Mike Norvell interview

FSU wide receiver’s coach Ron Dugans interview

FSU redshirt freshman quarterback Tate Rodemaker and redshirt freshman wide receiver Kentron Poitier double interview