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Breaking down Florida State football Pro Day Video

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A look at some future ProfessioNoles

Florida State football’s Pro Day took place Monday afternoon ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft. There are six Seminoles who are on virtually every NFL team’s radar and should be selected in the draft. Video and comments posted below.

All six players also spoke Friday afternoon to local and national media. It marked one of their final interviews before realizing their dream as a professional athlete.


Wide Receiver Tamorrion Terry

We knew all along that Terry was an athletic specimen. NFL teams are going to want to know he can be more than a go route WR. Likely a X-receiver at the next level, Terry possesses all of the tools that NFL teams will be looking for. Forty was a little lower than I expected but his tape shows the ability to run by corners. Where is Terry’s head at? He is going to have to make NFL scouts and general managers comfortable about his commitment to being the best.

Defensive Tackle Marvin Wilson and Edge Janarius Robinson

Lets start with Wilson. Wilson clearly played injured in 2020 but has shown flashes throughout his career. A 5.12 forty is not great and his twitch/explosiveness have come in question. Have to like the 81 1/8 wing span but 23 reps at 225 is not a good number. Wilson’s stock has been all over the place during his time at FSU.

J-Rob has been a hot name amongst scouts because of his physical tools. Throw on the tape and it doesn’t make the number so he will have to answer that. Some team is going to get a ball of clay and mold it into a good football player though. 25 reps at 225 with those arms? That is a big time number for Robinson. Look for Robinson to be a hot name come draft time.

Cornerback Asante Samuel Jr and Defensive End Joshua Kaindoh

Asante Samuel Jr is a favorite amongst the Seminole fanbase and most mock drafts are projecting him in the second round. I’m afraid he didn’t do himself alot of favors by posting that 4.52. When skill players post numbers in the 4.5s it can be a red flag for NFL scouts. The rest of Samuel Jr’s numbers are fine but for a player of his stature to not possess better speed is a knock. I’m going to be curious to watch Samuel Jr’s stock moving forward because the tape shows a good football player.

Joshua Kaindoh, like Robinson, is a physical freak and all of his numbers are eye-opening. A 6’5 260 pound player who runs a 4.7 and post good athletic testing numbers. He is a first round pick right? Kaindoh never played as fast or explosive as his numbers suggest. Like his linemate J-Rob, Kaindoh is going to have to answer questions about his lack of production and prove there is upside to his game. It will be hard for NFL GM’s to pass up those numbers.

Hybrid Hamsah Nasirildeen

Nasirildeen is the prototype safety/hyrbid for todays NFL. It’s disappointing he couldn’t run the forty today to post a number and check that box. Nasirildeen has good tape though and teams will rely on that to project him to the next level. Nasirildeen could be the first FSU player to come off the board in the 2021 NFL draft. Expect a cover-3 team like Seattle to be interested or a Minnesota who loves a box safety.