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Florida State football, recruiting news: Soccer takes on Santa Clara for the National Championship

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FSU takes home two ACC Championships

Larry Novey

Other Sports:

Today at 5:30 on ESPN2 FSU hopes to take home another National Championship:

Just like in the winter FSU dominated the ACC in Track & Field in the Spring; sweeping both Championships:

The final home series was a successful one for FSU taking two out of three from Clemson.

Tennis has advanced to the Elite 8 after upsetting Texas A&M.

Is FSU Softball under-seeded? A late-season slump (slump might be too strong of a word) might be the reason why they’re the tenth national seed and not higher.


Mike Norvell met Chris Thompson:

When you see interactions like this you understand why being a Seminole is a lifelong relationship:

According to ESPN FSU will face the 20th strongest schedule this season.


Four-star QB commitment Nicco Marchiol performed well at the Elite11 camp this weekend; here are a few clips:

2023 Wide Receiver Williams Fowles has been offered by FSU:


The New York Giants have a new tight end and his name is Kelvin Benjamin.

Patrick Williams saved his best game of the season for the second to last game of the season.

You don’t usually see this amount of hype about an undrafted free agent but Browns fans are excited about Marvin Wilson.