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How to read a defense

A guide to the basics of football coverages

The offseason is in full swing which gives us plenty of time to distract ourselves with any scraps of football we can cling to. For this offseason, the main distraction will be coverage concepts.

Coverage is one of the most important aspects of football but due to generally awful camera angles most fans aren’t encouraged, or often even able, to get the full scope of what’s happening on the field.

The goal of this upcoming video series is to solve some of these issues. To get into the nitty-gritty of what football coverages are like and how Florida State Defensive Coordinator Adam Fuller uses them in his scheme.

So to start things off there needs to be a primer. This primer needs to not only educate viewers about the differences between coverage families but also show how to identify them using the generally awful angles you get watching the game from home. Then it should explain how the offense can attack those coverages and what modifications the defense needs to make to fill those gaps. Hopefully, this primer accomplishes those things.

Videos aren’t for everyone but luckily Tomahawk Nation is. I have some great co-workers that have written up many of these ideas in the past for those who prefer the written format. For those people, I would check out this article and if you still are wanting more coverage talk this is another great one to check out.