Jameis & the Saints!

1st quarter in 3 possessions - 2 touchdowns! Go Jameis!

Amazing what a really good quarterback can do with a really good offensive line. Something that the Bucs never gave Jameis in 5 seasons (while giving it to Brady, as well as everything/everybody he wanted, his first season).

Wish Sean Payton wasn't so obvious in wanting Hill to be the starter. He didn't even give Winston a full quarter before putting in Hill. Talking heads saying that Hill feels he isn't being given a fair shake tonight since he'll be playing with the 2's. Didn't hear Winston complaining about that last week when he was playing with the 2's but got results that Hill isn't getting so far this week, nor did he really get any results last week when he was playing with the 1's.

Taysom Hill has a great skill set to be used and the Saints have paid him wildly well for it. He really has no reason to complain since even if Jameis is named the starter and earns every payoff in his contract, Hill will still be paid more. Also, if Winston doesn't consistently win he'll be out without question but Payton will keep Hill even if he's never the starting QB. It helps to have a head coach on your side.

Time to Shine Jameis!

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