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Noles News: Welcome to The Alliance Era

ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 take a stand in handshake deal


The next step in the realignment of college sports has arrived as the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 announced what they’re calling a historic alliance.

The deal is clearly in response to SEC’s poaching of Texas and Oklahoma from the Big 12 earlier this offseason — even though the conference commissioners say it isn’t.

So does this alliance actually mean for the future of college sports? Your guess is as good as mine.

You can read what the ACC, Big 12 and Pac-12 say themselves right here.

Notably, this deal does not include the Big 12, which is the conference that suffered the loss of OU and UT and there are rumors that the Pac-12 could be announcing an expansion of its own in the near future.

There’s also no actual contract between the conferences either. The commissioners say they’ve looked each other in the eye and agreed to work with each other. They do plan to use the alliance to build out future schedules though that part of the agreement won’t happen until their current contractual obligations are finished.

So what changed for Florida State? Not much at this point. And maybe not even in the long term. But it’s a clear dividing line between the conferences and the SEC.


Mike Norvell’s football team has just 11 more days until they hit the field for the season opener against No. 9 Notre Dame so every practice at this point counts. After a day off on Monday, the Seminoles were back at it on Tuesday and they were focused on not just fixing mistakes but making sure they don’t happen again.

Speaking to the media, Mike Norvell said he is happy with the team’s growth and wide receivers coach Ron Dugans echoed that segment for the guys directly under his watch.

For this team to be competitive, a lot of guys will have to take that big step forward and our guys at camp have seen it for many of them. You can hear more from them on that growth and more on this week’s episode of the Triple Option podcast.

While FSU focuses on its own growth, Notre Dame is working on getting its offensive coordinator Mike Rees back after an appendectomy.

The schedule won’t get much easier for Florida State after week one as they find themselves with one of the 15 toughest schedules in the country.


As I established in Tuesday’s Noles News, I am a Saints fan so excuse while I have a moment of excitement here, but Jameis Winston is still getting heaped with praise from his preseason performance against the Jaguars on Monday Night Football. Is the former FSU star back to his college form?

Meanwhile, Louisiana native Warrick Dunn continues to do amazing work for families all over the country. His latest home giveaway coming with some extra big smiles all the way around.


Class of 2022 commit Devaughn Mortimer is still a year away from making his way to campus but he’s already drawing comparisons to a former FSU great.


A strong start for FSU Soccer has them sitting at the top of the rankings two games into the season with plenty of other ACC teams.

Leading the way for FSU is Jaelin Howell who was better than anyone in the conference defensively this week and got honored for it.


We’re less than one month from the Ryder Cup and Brooks Koepka is already getting excited to tee it up.