August Humidity Delirium Pulse Check

Travis Hunter

#1 Player 2022

TLDR: Previously predicted final class of 2022 (Mar 17th); snapshot comparison of current status (Aug 3nd).

All comp scores are as of 3.17.21

Way-to-early "dream-and-don't-you-dare-wake-me-up" mock class#2022 in March

We can be picky with real talent coming with real intent to making the Nole name notorious…and I foresee more when our recruiting class overtakes the nation with my way-to-early "dream-and-don’t-you-dare-wake-me-up" mock class in March:

1. MJ Morris (DUAL) 5*^ (calling it here)

AND 2. Nicco Marchiol (PRO) 4* Hamilton, Chandler, AZ 0.9009 COMP


1. AJ Duffy (PRO) 4*

AND 2. Tayven Jackson (PRO) 3*

(I predict if AJ picks FSU, Nicco will stay in AZ and go to ASU instead. I have adopted faith in Dillingham and Woodson and their bonding techniques with these young men using group chat; Nicco is not going anywhere, per Nicco and his latest interview, and he's trying to bring Kevin Coleman and Kaden Saunders along...)

3. Jaylon Glover (RB) 4-3*

("package deal" with McCall)

4. Kevin Coleman (WR) 5*

(tied for lowest WR count of 8 on roster, and will want to team with Hunter and Nicco)

(also, with the de-commit of 5* Evan Stewart, he will be in WR battles with all "top" Texas schools)

5. Kaden Saunders (ATH/WR/CB) 4* PENN/FLIP (thanks Nicco)

6. Quincey McAdoo (WR/RB/DB) 4*^ 0.8900 comp

7. Antonio Williams (WR) 4^*

8. Devaughn Mortimer (WR) 4^*

9. Jaleel Skinner (WR/TE) 4*

10. Kaden Helms (TE) 4-3*

11. Devon Campbell (OG/OT/C) 5*

varsity basketball star and weightlifter (lookin’ at you @CoachStorms)


11/12. Will Campbell (OT) 5* LSU/FLIP (ala YAC/Woodson LA surprise)


11/12. Julian Armella (OT) 4* Columbus, Miami, FL 0.9435


11/12. Cam Williams (OT) 4*


11/12. Daughtry Richardson (OT) 4-3*

12/13. Qae’shon Sapp (OT) 4* | 13/14. Aliou Bah (OT) 4*^ | 14/15. Austin Firestone (OT) 3* or 14/15. Kanaya Charlton (OG) 4-3*

15/16. Marvin Jones, Jr. (WDE) 5*^

16/17. Aaron Hester (WDE/RB) 4*^ Duncan U. Fletcher, Neptune Beach, FL 0.8789 Father Ron Hester FSU alum, drafted LB,MIA1982


16/17. Dante Anderson (WDE) 4* Homestead, Homestead, FL 0.9366

17/18. Nyjalik Kelly (SDE) 4* Dillard, Ft Lauderdale, FL 0.8904 comp


17/18. Richard Thomas (SDE) 4*

18/19. Bishop Thomas (DT) 4-3*


18/19. Anthony Lucas (DT) 4*


18/19. Kaleb Artis (DT) 3*

19/20. Wesley Bissainthe (OLB) 4* Miami Central, Miami, FL 0.9534


20/21. Devin Smith (OLB) 4-3* | 21/22. Travious Lathan (OLB) 4*


20/21. Jaron Willis (OLB) 4* | 21/22. Omar Graham Jr. (OLB) 4-3*


20/21. DeMario Tolan (ILB) 4* | 21/22. Mekhi Mason (ILB) 3*

22/23. JaCory Thomas (ATH/OLB/CB/S/STUD) 4*

23/24. Travis Hunter (CB/WR) 5* Collins Hill, Suwanee, GA 0.9963 comp

24/25. Earl Little Jr. (CB) 5*^

25/26. Sam McCall (ATH/S/DB) 5* Lake Gibson, Lakeland, FL 0.9836 comp (also plays varsity basketball)

26/27. "Az"areyeh Thomas (ATH/S) 5* Niceville, Niceville, FL CoachWoodson (brother@GT (Juanyeh); also, basketball and T&F district longjumper)

27/28. Jacoby Mathews (S/DUAL) 5* (ala another YAC LA surprise and another varsity basketball dual-sporter)

28/29. Devin Moore (S) 4-3*

legendary class of 28/29 committed and maybe a few preferred walk-ons as well…

comment, please!!!



AJ Duffy

In March, many said that this was absolutely craziness...


In Norvell I trust, because in GOD does he trust!


MJ Morris (DUAL) 5*^ MISS (WAY miss, now a 3* lol; commit to NC State 6/3


Nicco Marchiol (PRO) 4* - / MISS (decommitted, commit to WVA 6/21)


AJ Duffy (PRO) 4* HIT (COMMITTED 4/28)


Tayven Jackson (PRO) 3*- / MISS (committed Tenn 4/28)

Jaylon Glover (RB) 4-3* DEUCE (but potential MISS as of 8/2 he is projected to commit on 8/6 with UF)

NOT ON RADAR: Rodney Hill (ATH) 3* (COMMITTED 4/10)

Kevin Coleman (WR) 5* DEUCE (but trending HIT to FSU)

Kaden Saunders (ATH/WR/CB) 4* PENN/FLIP (thanks Nicco)- MISS (perhaps no Nicco=no Saunders)

Quincey McAdoo (WR/RB/DB) 4*^- MISS (decommitted and committed to ARKY...but I did predict the star bump)

Antonio Williams (WR) 4^* DEUCE (I REALLY wanted this fastcat, but no one thinks he leaves SC, though)

Devaughn Mortimer (WR) 4^* HIT (COMMITTED 4 days before original prediction 3/13)

Jaleel Skinner (WR/TE) 4* DEUCE (I think this is a HIT eventually)

Kaden Helms (TE) 4-3* MISS (OKLAHOMA commit 07/17)

NOT ON RADAR: Brian Courtney (ATH) 3* (COMMITTED 4/15)

NOT ON RADAR: Jerrale Powers (ATH) 3* (COMMITTED 7/2)

Devon Campbell (OG/OT/C) 5* DEUCE (This was the start of my prediction Atkins was gonna do big things...I wouldn't put it past him...)


Will Campbell (OT) 5* DEUCE (still a you're sayin there's a chance...?)


Julian Armella (OT) 4* DEUCE (but there IS STILL a chance here, though I think he might end up with Campbell at LSU)


Cameron Williams (OT) 4*- MISS (committed to Oregon 7/1)


Daughtry Richardson (OT) 4-3* HIT (COMMITTED 7/25)

Qae’shon Sapp (OT) 4* HIT (COMMITTED 6/26)

Aliou Bah (OT) 4*^ HIT (COMMITTED 5/7)

Austin Firestone (OT) 3*- MISS (committed to Northwestern 7/7)


Kanaya Charlton (OG) 4-3* HIT (COMMITTED 6/26)

NOT ON RADAR: Jaylen Early (IOL) 4* (COMMITTED 8/2)

NOT ON RADAR: Antavious Woody (IOL) 4* (COMMITTED 6/28)

Marvin Jones, Jr. (WDE) 5*^ DEUCE (fingers crossed)

Aaron Hester (WDE/RB) 4*^ HIT (COMMITTED still in the class since 1/28)


Dante Anderson (WDE) 4* DEUCE (but trending to Miami N)

Nyjalik Kelly (SDE) 4* DEUCE (yes he decommitted, but I think we are still in it for him)


Richard Thomas (SDE) 4* MISS (committed to Indiana 5/14)

NOT ON RADAR: Trevion Williams (DL) 4* (COMMITTED 6/25)

NOT ON RADAR: Daniel Lyons (ATH) 3* (COMMITTED 7/25)

Bishop Thomas (DT) 4-3* HIT (COMMITTED 6/26)


Anthony Lucas (DT) 4* DEUCE (would be another great get)


Kaleb Artis (DT) 3*- MISS (commit Penn State 7/4)

Wesley Bissainthe (OLB) 4* DEUCE (trending to the N but hopefully we can pull him back...)


Devin Smith (OLB) 4-3* DEUCE AND Travious Lathan (OLB) 4*


Jaron Willis (OLB) 4* MISS (decommit, but could bring him back from GT, commit 5/1) AND Omar Graham Jr. (OLB) 4-3* HIT (COMMITTED 6/20)


DeMario Tolan (ILB) 4*- MISS (commit LSU 7/8) AND -Mekhi Mason (ILB) 3*- MISS (commit SYR 7/1)

-JaCory Thomas (ATH/OLB/CB/S/STUD) 4*- MISS (commit UGA 6/25)

Travis Hunter (CB/WR) 5* HIT (our Student Recruiting Coordinator, COMMITTED 3/3/20)

Earl Little Jr. (CB) 5*^ DEUCE (another fingers crossed)

Sam McCall (ATH/S/DB) 5* HIT (still COMMITTED, 2/28)

"Az"areyeh Thomas (ATH/S) 5* DEUCE (Would be nice...)

Jacoby Mathews (S/DUAL) 5* DEUCE (c'mon, come play with the best, Jacoby...)

Devin Moore (S) 4-3* MISS (commit ND 7/4)

My HIT rate is 11 of the projected 28/29 class, with 7 recruits committing to the program after this list. 16 players on the list are in DEUCE status, or have not committed to FSU or another school; there are several players still on the projection that are trending to FSU.

This article is not for me and my "getting it right". It is a support tool to evaluate recruiting practices and seeing trends for players by using a "way-too-early class projection" gauge. It also enables me to project the Nole2023 class, coming soon...

Let me know below in the comments whether you liked this pulse check, would care to see further updates midseason, and would be looking for the 2023 projection in the future

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