Is Norvell already in trouble?

I get COVID year was a cluster. It's kind of a free year. However FSU went 3-6 in 2020 (and probably 3-7 if the Clemson game had been played).

Norvell is 0-2 for the 2021 season so far.

Taggart was fired after a two year record of 9-12. Taggart fixed some of the APR problems, but the football recruiting and coaching wasn't improving.

Wins and losses isn't everything at a 2 year sample size, but to equal Taggart's record Norvell needs to get to:

6-6 this season.

He's currently 0-2. That means he'd need to go 6-4 the rest of the way to merely get to Taggart's poor record that got him fired. 6-4 is very unlikely at this point.

Norvell never had a losing season as a head coach before last year. He's probably headed for a losing season again. Can his process and his team handle this many losses?

It's not all about wins and losses and advanced stats show this is a better team than last year. Especially on the O-line. However the advanced stats are also declining week to week- small sample size, but the team isn't getting better week to week right now. And the schedule this year is harder.

So a better team may have more losses than last years team.

His record at Memphis was excellent: 8-5 first year, 10-3, 8-6, then 12-1 with his first bowl win. He can coach, but how many losses can he take?

How many can the staff and recruits take? How many losses can the boosters take?

I think Norvell is in trouble, but I don't think FSU can do anything about it economically. What do you think?

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