To anyone with a rational insight...

Three questions:

A) Worst Case Scenario Question: If we win but a few games this season, how many of current commits (18) do we get?

AJ Duffy ~ Rodney Hill ~ Devaughn Mortimer ~ Brian Courtney ~ Jerrale Powers ~ Daughtry Richardson ~ Jaylen Early ~ Aliou Bah ~ Qae’shon Sapp ~ Kanaya Charlton ~ Antavious Woody ~ Bishop Thomas ~ Daniel Lyons ~ Aaron Hester ~ Trevion Williams ~ Omar Graham Jr. ~ Travis Hunter ~ Sam McCall

2) Regardless of the final season outcome, do you agree or disagree with the following prospective class probability? How would you adjust probability markers (move recruits up and down)?

DISCLAIMER: The number after the percentage is the number of recruits in the field; the number behind the fields is an estimated odds of the total field that would come, followed by the ascending total count of the class.

95%+ (10) Travis Hunter (CB/WR), AJ Duffy, Rodney Hill, Devaughn Mortimer, Qae'shon Sapp, Brian Courtney (QB/TE), Aaron Hester, Kanaya Charlton, Jerrale Powers, Jaylen Early (10)

70-94% (4) Sam McCall, Daughtry Richardson, Omar Graham Jr., Bishop Thomas +3/4 (13/14)

50-69% (6) Aliou Bah, Trevion Williams (QB/EDGE), TAE Woody (OL/DL), Daniel Lyons, Elijah Pritchett, Leroy Paige +4/5 (17/19)

25-49% (9) Kevin Coleman, Kendrick Law, Marvin Jones Jr., Nyjalik Kelly, Wesley Bissainthe, Daniel Martin, Jaron Willis, Tajh Sanders, Devin Smith +3/4 (20/23)

6-24% (6) Eston Harris, Jr., DeCarlos Nicholson, Julian Armella, Tyre West, Jarell Stinson, Quincey McAdoo +2/3 (22/26)

0-5% (7) Jaleel Skinner, Earl Little, Jr., Jovantae Barnes, Kamari Wilson, Shemar Stewart, Thomas Castellanos, Jaylon Glover +1 (23/27)

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D) With the knowledge we could potentially go up to 32 recruits this year, who are the extra 11/7 HS recruits not listed above that the staff could/would go after? Would/could this be another heavy transfer portal class?

Here are some more options to look at in a replacement of WR targets (Skinner)

Another AJ (Johnson), a LA young man now in Ft Lauderdale, was on YAC’s list, could hit him up again while his target list is less volatile…

Samuel Mbake is another prospect that did play for IMG last year but is now playing in Kennesaw. Both Mississippi schools are after him, but Hunter is a far better recruiter than Kiffen, Nix, or Leach, in my head at least, lol.

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