The Curse of Laughing Elvis

New FSU Logo

Like many of you, I’ve been contemplating why FSU football has been so bad lately. And I think I may have stumbled onto something.

I have to confess that our updated logo, alternately known by some as "Laughing Elvis" has grown on me some, since he arrived. After all, I am a big fan of the king. Thank ya…thank ya vera much. Now, don’t get me wrong; I still prefer the previous version of our logo, or even some of the alternatives which draw closer to the original. But, I’d be lying if I said that Laughing Elvis still bothers me now as much as it did in the beginning.

But, perhaps the proverbial "football gods" aren’t as forgiving as me. You know the "gods" of which I speak. Jeff Cameron speaks often of the "football gods" on his show, and you’ve seen various other commenters lament to the "football gods" about one sad element of a football game or another. Or about different aspects of our beloved program.

This got my fertile mind to working; and to thinking that this may be the real problem! Perhaps these very "football gods" are pooping on us (Frank, can I say ‘pooping’?!) because they’re terribly unhappy about this sacrilegious version of our emblem that we’ve been painting on one of the most sacred of college football grounds: Bobby Bowden field at Doak Campbell Stadium.

This Curse of Laughing Elvis was thrust upon an unsuspecting FSU fanbase in the spring of 2014. And certainly, if you’ve read this far, you remember the reasons that were given for the change. But, REGARDLE$$ of those reasons, it happened right after these same, so-called, "football gods" had cast their ultimate of smiles upon our Florida State football program, with a 2013 season that was one for the ages. "We just won the National Championship! Yay! Okay! So, let’s change our logo (and our colors)! I mean, what could possibly go wrong?!"

The almost magical 2013 season happened; but then, there was something significantly different about that 2014 season. Where as many of the games in 2013 were (or bordered on being) blow-outs, many of those 2014 games felt like a bad day at the dentist office: you had to go; you’re glad you went; what had to happen, did happen; but it was not fun. Nor was it easy. Many of us at the time thought that perhaps some of the players had "checked out" and were protecting themselves for an NFL future.

But maybe, just maybe…it was really the Curse of Laughing Elvis! Yes, FSU won all of their 2014 regular season games…setting a program-record 29 wins in a row in the process. And yet, most of those wins felt like pulling teeth. (No, I actually don’t like dentists…why do you ask?!)

Many of us unsuspecting FSU fans, while still in the glow of the last BCS National Championship, were highly perturbed about this logo change. But really, what were we going to do? After all, we had the reigning Heisman Trophy winner returning for that 2014 season, with lots of other good players, not to mention some kid from Miami named Cook, who was supposed to be pretty darn good at toting the pigskin.

I don’t know…maybe you think I’ve watched too many Scooby-Doo reruns? Maybe you think I’m in my canoe with only one oar? Well, without re-litigating the 2015 –2020 seasons, the FSU football program has been in a steady decline, and it’s all because the "football gods" cursed it…and it’s all because we had the audacity to paint that sacrilegious version of our logo on one of their most hallowed grounds. Consider the following (per

A. Florida State’s overall record and winning percentage before Laughing Elvis: 474-216 (68.7%)
2. Florida State’s overall record and winning percentage after Laughing Elvis: 31-32 (49.2%)
D. We’ve suffered the first losing season since Bobby Bowden’s first year
U. We’ve had our consecutive bowl streak snapped; and
H. We’ve lost to our very first 1-AA/FCS school in history just this month.

My friends, it’s simple. They way out of this dark valley which IS Florida State University, is crystal clear. This curse must be broken! The old version of our logo must be returned to those hallowed grounds of Bobby Bowden field so that the "football gods" can be appeased. This must be done, or this will never get better!

Thank ya…thank ya very much.

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My fellow Seminoles, I hope you take this in the spirit in which it is intended! In a world that is still in the midst of a global pandemic; with pain, hunger and suffering rampant, we are truly blessed to have this joy that is college football…even if it looks like its cursed! Smile, and remember; in the end, it really is just a game.

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