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FSU Soccer: Post game interview notes

24 strong

FSU Soccer head coach Mark Krikorian speaks with the media after a 5-0 win versus the Pittsburgh Panthers:

1. The ability to get the quick strike early and set the tone’s been there for you... How important has that been?

  • “ Well I think it’s really important to come out fast and impose ourself into the game and I thought that we did that today and fortunately Maria made a little magic to start the game, but good build up, good possession play throughout the course of the game, and pretty good around the goal... The quality of the finishing I thought was quite good today.”

2. Jenna took a little hard spill there early but then comes back... three assists, and you know pretty tough, not just a good player but tough.

  • “ Yeah, she’s a tough kid, she came in and made her contribution and when she stepped out of the game Clara came off the bench and had a beautiful controlling touch a great finish to give us the second goal. I think that we have some some pretty talented kids that are playing the middle of the midfield and on any day I think anyone of them can certainly be highlighted. I thought Jenna’s performance was gritty and tough but also had the quality of the ball.”

3. How valuable has Gianna also been in just what you do through attacking and everything like that?

  • “ I thought she came in, and again brought something really positive to the game... She scored a big goal at the end of the half to give us a little bit more of a cushion and then came in here again knowing that she is quite a target in the air and great cross by Jenna, good finish by Gianna.”

4. As your hitting the road again after this one, to take care of business like this against a conference opponent, obviously you want to piles these up and do what you need to do.

  • “ We know that we have to bring our best performance because every team that we’re going to play is going to come out here and bring their best performance and if we don’t then we don’t deserve to win. From my point of view I thought that our kids came in prepared and really to play, and they brought it from the beginning through 90 minutes today.”

5. Clara came in and made an immediate impact... How important do you think her leadership is on the offensive end?

  • “ It’s really important, she’s able to create and score goals and when she comes in the game she brings that added strength, intensity, maturity, experience and I thought she did that today.”

6. This was probably one of if not the most physical teams you’ve had to face this season... How do you think your team has faired with the physicality?

  • “ Yeah I thought our kids dealt with the physical play pretty well and again they weren’t dirty, they played hard and our kids hung in there and battled and competed... it was a good, hard competitive game of soccer.”

7. What would you say is the one biggest takeaway that you saw from this field tonight that you would take back into the locker room and tell the girls?

  • “ You know I said to them at halftime that all of the players that started and kids that came off the bench in the first half made a really positive contribution and I think that for 90 minutes that was the case. The kids that came into the game maintained the level or helped the level go even higher and that’s a really important aspect if you want to win.”

8. What do you think was the biggest key factor in the changing of lineups, in the possession you guys kept?

  • “ I think it’s our philosophy, our kids whether they’re in the first 11 or their not, they know when they go in the game they have a job to do and they have responsibilities and part of that is about keeping the ball in passing angles and passing distances. For us, whether it’s Clara in the first 11 or coming off the bench we know what she’s going to bring to the game and she did that... “ G “ certainly brought her stamp to the game and LeiLanni did a good job as well and you know I thought Amelia Horton had maybe her best performance so far this season. I thought there were a lot of good performances, both in the 11 and the players coming in.”