Just as this early glimpse of a live-action Cartoon Network current hit is something completely way-too-early, here is my way-to-early pulse check of the 2023 Tribe. Of course, recruiting sometimes changes the day of ESD or NSD, but the current outlook and trends should be enough to make recruiting more fun (and you'll now know the interest of a 2023 recruit during a 2022 game like on Sunday night...)

Please enjoy this progress report on the 2023 class.

Proposed 2023 Class: 2QB|2RB|4WR|2TE|5OL|1DL|3DE|2DT|1ATH 2LB|2CB|3DB|--- 29 total

1-QB Chris Parson TN (3* 0.8900 #18QB) COMMITTED (I see him getting a big boost to 4* and top 10 QB by his senior year)

2-QB Tyler Jefferson FL (unranked)

3-RB Sedrick Irvin Jr FL (4* 0.9339 #8RB)

4-RB Daylan Smothers NC (3* 0.8900 #17RB)

5-WR Nathaniel Joseph FL (4* 0.9344 #23WR) (YAC Primary Recruiter) SEP 10 2021: COMMITTED to CLEM

Day after the FSU/ND game...

6-WR Santana Fleming FL (4* 0.9326 #24WR)

7-WR Vandrevius Jacobs FL (3* 0.8628 #47WR) COMMITTED

8-WR Ahmari Borden FL (4* 0.9299 #26WR/DB)

9-TE Ethan Davis GA (4* 0.9230 #15TE) (Collins Hill w/ Travis Hunter)

10-TE Randy Pittman FL (3* 0.8880 #20TE) COMMITTED

11-OL Johnathan Bo Hughley GA OT (4* 0.9699 #6OT)

12-OL Kelton Smith GA OT/IOL (4* 0.9192 #13IOL)

13-OL Johnny Williams IV GA OT (4* 0.9234 #12OT)

14-OL Clay Wedin FL IOL (4* 0.9117 #18IOL)

15-OL Tyler Bubba Jeffries TN OT (unranked)

16-DL Vic Burley (5*, 0.9840 Nat'l-37 #8DL)

17-EDGE Lamont Boots Green Jr. FL (4* 0.9431 #8 EDGE) COMMITTED (Adam Fuller PRIM, Odell Haggins SEC)

18-DE Joel Starlings VA (4* 0.9247 #32DL)

19-DE Keldrick Faulk AL (4* 0.9655 #16DL)

20-DT Darron Reed GA (4* 0.9104 #41DT)

21-DT Jameian Buxton LA (unranked)

22-ATH Cedric "C4" Baxter Jr FL (4* 0.9417 #16ATH) (Marve is his recruiter, but he plays RB, LB, and DB in HS)

23-LB Raul Aguirre GA (4* 0.9613 #7LB) (Atkins is his recruiter)

24-LB Jayvant Brown FL (4* 0.9556 #8LB)

25-CB/WR Adam Hopkins GA (4* 0.9625 #13WR)(Primary position is WR and Woodson is primary recruiter; Dugans is secondary, so WR is certainly a possibility, but I think he ends up on the defense)

26-CB Makari Vickers FL (4* 0.9644 #6CB) (Woodson recruit) NO TWITTER REFs

27-DB Kenton KJ Kirkland (unranked)

28-DB Cedrick Hawkins FL (4* 0.9153 #22ATH)

29-DB Justin Johnson CA (unranked)

Almost had 'em?

-QB-Dante-Moore-MI-(5* 0.9917 Nat'l-16 #3QB) (ND)

-QB-Nicholaus-Nico-Iamaleava-CA-(5* 0.9887 Nat'l-22 #4QB) (USC/UCLA)

-QB-Dylan-Lonergan-GA-(4* 0.9678 #6QB) (No offer from FSU, top 12 of BAMA, OHST, FLA, UGA, PENN, USC-E, OLEMISS, AUB, LSU, MISSST, GT, and ORE)

-QB-Avery-Johnson-KS-(4* 0.9367 #9QB) (ELITE) (I think we could've gotten him to stick early with some recruiting nudges, but I think he goes to the Elite (BBL) after HS)

-QB-Marcel-Reed-TN-(4* 0.9348 #10QB) (No offer from FSU, top interest in UGA, TENN, and VAND)

-QB-Javance-Tupouata-Johnson-(247 3* 88 #16QB) (Offered Jul 11, no posted Sep 1 FSU graphic...)

-QB-JJ-Kohl-IA-(247 3* 87 #24QB) (Offered June 20 during camp; would we take three QBs?)

-QB-Sam-Leavitt-OR-(247 3* 86 #25QB) (Offered Jun 6; this is his pinned tweet...)

-QB-Colin-Houck-GA (unranked) (Not FSU offered, but there is interest somewhere...)

-QB-Gavin-Shaigineik-CA (unranked) (FSU offered June 28 by Dillingham; only offer)


-RB-Richard-Young-FL-(5* 0.9901 Nat'l #21 #1RB) (OHST) (Devonta Freeman, Dalvin Cook, Cam Akers...but he is currently posting Buckeye stuff, long way to go, but trend is OHST...)

-WR-Jalen-Brown-FL-(5* 0.9978 #3 WR) (MIA/CLEM/TAMU) (If we get Coleman and Skinner to go along with a possibility of OFF WR Hunter, he will go elsewhere in 2023; my bet is stay home in Miami,Clemson or Jimbo@TAMU)

-WR-Deandre-Moore-Jr-CA-(5* 0.9850 #3 WR (tied w/Brown above?)) (OK)

-WR-Carnell-Tate-IMG- (4* 0.9750 #9WR) (OHST) (Long way to ESD 2022 and the more Duffy throws at him, the more he'll want to have that in Tallahassee...but OhioState I think wins out if we can't get him into 'Nole mode)

-WR-Hykeem-Williams-FL-(4* 0.9738 #10WR) (MIA)(Would love to be wrong, but I think he goes to MIA)

-TE/WR-Adam-Moore-FL- (Think he reclassifies and we don't have room because of "Skinner", Courtney, and Powers)

-OL-Payton-PKAY-Kirkland-FL-OT-(4* 0.9491 #9 OT) (OHST) (OHST/FSU Battle; I think we lose.)

-OL-Markee-Anderson-SC- (CLEM/SCAR) -OL-Roderick Kearny-FL- (FLA) (FLA "fave school as kid")

-OL-Joshua-Doogie-Miller-VA- (CLEM) -DL-Gabriel-Harris-GA-(4* 0.9483) (OHST) (decommitted from FSU, can we get back around to him before Day?)

-DL-Derrick-LeBlanc-FL-(4* 0.9796 #10DL) (OHST/UF) -DL-Tiumalu Afalava-CA-(unrnkd)(FSU 1st offer Jul 1 by OC Dillingham)

-EDGE-Malik-Bryant-IMG-(5* 0.9917 Nat'l-#15 #2 EDGE) (UGA) -DE-Gabe-Harris-GA- (OHST)

-DT-Jordan-Hall-FL- (FLA) -DT-Stantavious-Smith-GA- (TENN)

-LB-Raylen-Wilson-FL-LINCOLN-(4* 0.9687 #6LB) (FLA) (Recruited by Marve; On his visit to UF-FAU before FSU-ND: "I got to hang out with Coach Mullen too and he's really down to earth. I mess with him.")

-LB-Dee-Crayton-GA- (GT) -LB-Grayson-Howard-FL- (SEC)

-CB-Cormani McClain-FL- (5*, 0.9933 Nat'l 10 #1CB) (BAMA/OHST/FLA) (I REALLY want Cormani in this class; but I don't think he comes because of the DB room and BAMA, OHState, or, ugh, UF gets him...)

-CB-Tony-Mitchell-AL- (5*, 0.9932 Nat'l 11 #2CB)(BAMA/OHST/FLA) (...and this is why. I think he could "sell" the duo...note the retweet)

-CB-Avieon-Terrell-GA-(4* 0.9378 #22CB) (CLEM) (Brother is CLEM alum AJ Terrell; "legacy" win for CLEM)

-S-Michael-Daughtery-GRAYSON- (4* 0.9500 #12 S) (UGA/LSU) (Interested in FSU, but can Norvell/Woodson outrecruit UGA)

-DB-Amare-Ferrell-FL- (USF)

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