Florida State Football Roster Talk

Hello all. Josh and David are cranking out great content for us as FSU looks to wrap up the '22 class in February and add talent to the roster via the portal this offseason.

There have been plenty of developments the past month, both disappointing and exciting. And naturally, people want to discuss where we stand with certain positions. Unfortunately, these discussions clog up the threads. So I thought I'd go ahead and provide a place for us to let loose and give our thoughts about the current state of the roster and what type of players we would like to see brought in over the offseason.

The overall consensus seems to be that we need1 additional LB, DE, and OT. But there are also thoughts of bring in 1 more QB and RB.

Personally, I think we need to add the following to the roster (listed in order of importance): 1 OT, 1 DE, 1LB, and 1 QB.

So what are your thoughts on where we currently sit with the roster?

Please feel free to share them! All are welcome... just be nice lol.

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