Comment of the Year Awards Nominees

Fellow members of the Tomahawk Nation Tribe,

True to my word, I will be the unofficial host of the 2022 COTY Awards. In order to get ahead of the potential greatness that shall grace the message boards for the next calendar year, I have decided to start this post as a way for posters to submit nominees for the awards.

The Award Categories are as follows:

The Unconquered (Best Overall Comment)

Go Gata Award (Best dig at the Turds)

scUM Bag Trophy (Best dunk on Miami (of Florida))

Howie's Pebble (Best insult of Clemson)

The Frank-furter (Either best Frank comment or reply to a Frank comment)

The Bobby Bowden Award (The most wholesome/ emotionally positive comment)

Rules for Submissions:

Comment must have reached green status (7+ Recs) in original thread

Full Comment must be quoted in body of submission with author and date underneath; category you're submitting for as the title

Don't post your own comments!

Comment must not have been removed for violation of the rules (harassment, vulgarity etc) but removed for being off topic is fine as often great replies are off topic and eventually taken down (for good reasons).

Example Submission:

Frank-Furter Nominee

I just think that Frank is the greatest Nole who ever graced this site

- MissouriNole, Jan 6

Hopefully this will be good fun for everyone and a way to celebrate the great community of Tomahawk Nation as we collect submissions throughout the year. If you have any suggestions please post those as well. Cut off for Submissions will be December 10 2022, with a week long vote starting the 11th. Winners will be announced in a new Fan Post the 31st!

Fanposts are a section for the fans and do NOT reflect the views of Tomahawk Nation.