Big12 passes ACC in TV revenue deal

"The deal projects for the Big 12 to make a sharp increase in media revenue per school, despite Oklahoma and Texas not being in the league after the 2024 season. A source said that the league is expected to agree to a grant of rights with its 12 members for the length of the deal.

The overall value of the Big 12's media deal is expected to increase from $220 million annually to $380 million. That's an average increase in media-only revenue per school from $22 million to $31.7 million (the $380 million is now divided 12 ways with the addition of BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston)."

UCF will be making 5-10M a year more from their big12 deal than FSU from the ACC deal starting in 2024. Much less UF and the SEC deal.

Big12 will also be up for renewal before ACC:

"The conference also likes the idea that the shorter six-year deal that runs through 2031 means that the Big 12 will be back in the market ahead of both the SEC, whose deal with ESPN goes through 2034, and the ACC, whose ESPN deal expires in 2036."

So depending on the environment they may lap the ACC schools:

John Swofford really screwed the ACC, and FSU and Clemson (the highest revenue schools in the ACC by a large margin), with the long deal and his nepotism with Raycom. The length of deal is awful. Every conference will get to renegotiate at least twice during the term. It was also a 3rd place deal in terms of revenue compared to the 1st and 2nd place deals (big10 and sec). And theGrant of Rights (GOR) that made it happen basically makes it unattractive for majors to join the conference (like Notre Dame).

FSU must do something soon. They're not on the good side of NIL money or conference money. And college football requires money to make money.

They need a break out season and to leverage that to move to B1G or SEC (a tier one conference).

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