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College Football Championship Week Picks: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

For the final time, let’s enjoy College Football Saturday

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Is it possible to have a more anticlimactic end of the season?

We’ve got a championship weekend with nobody having the ability to play themselves into the College Football Playoff. Only USC (and I guess TCU) has a chance to play themselves out of the top four and that in and of itself is disgusting.

How is it possible for USC to face only consequences if they make their conference championship while the teams waiting to jump them get benefits by sitting at home?

Sure, other teams losing has of course sucked some punch out it. LSU dropping a complete egg at Texas A&M plummeted them from the doorstep of the Playoff Penthouse to the basement.

But outside of that, the results haven’t been anything crazy.

Ohio State got literally run over at home and missed their conference title game. Alabama did the same. So did Tennessee. And Penn State as well.

You’ve got to get to No. 9 Clemson to find a team playing this weekend outside the top 4 and Dabo’s bunch set their chances ablaze last weekend with the loss to South Carolina. As far as we should all be concerned, the playoff is settled.

Of course, Alabama and Ohio State will both likely hear their names called if TCU and/or USC falter despite being completely undeserving of that spot.

It really puts a damper on this weekend. For the crowd telling me the regular season would be diluted in an expanded playoffs, look around. We’re already there.

And with that I welcome you to an exciting final week of this. Much like last year, I plan to hold another bowl game pick em contest on one of the platforms. So stay tuned for that in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we close out our picks season with me eyeing up a strong finish to my year and crowning our final Comment Section Champion.

Last week’s mega rivalry week saw me land at 8-7 to slightly expand my lead above .500 to 78-68. Barring an imperfect week, I’ll finish above that mark which is an excellent year. In case you don’t take my word for it, here’s a website I’ve never heard of adding me to a graphic that says I’m good at this.

Brian side note: Don’t bother clicking the link in the tweet because it’s just a link to their app and you don’t need that. My content is all right here on Tomahawk Nation for the low, low price of Free.99, or for those of you reading overseas Free.50.

Obviously, it’s a shameless plug for myself, but I don’t do this article to be right (though it helps!). I do it for the fun we all have here each week. I recognize so many of your names from a year ago. We picked up many new players this year. I really mean thank you to all of you for playing along and allowing me to do this dumb thing each week.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s picks articles. I’m hoping to get a sponsorship to provide some real rewards beyond the pride of seeing your name in the article. If you or someone you know might be interested, let me know and we can try to make it happen.

For now, we continue playing for pride and I have once again claimed the pride as nobody beat my 8-7. And in an even better turn, five of you tied with 7 wins. Remember that some people were late to picking games because we had Thursday and Friday games so most wins was the deciding factor.

That had 5 people — mr_britt, RWHUGHESJR, Ukedadnole, csfuu and medav — all reach 7 win. So keeping with last week’s spirit you all get into the CFB. Next year, I’ll have to look at a tiebreaker. Maybe total points for the FSU game? I don’t know.

ANYWELL, congratulations and welcome as well as welcome back to the Comment Section Championship Hall of Fame to you all.

Comment Section Champions:

  • Week 0 — NoleOhana (8-3) yeah, we did 11 games that week
  • Week 1 — OhNoleHeDidnt (7-3)
  • Week 2 — Jason Kuruvilla, DenverNoleFan & mr_britt (8-2)
  • Week 3 — mr_britt & trojan24man (9-1)
  • Week 4 — medav (7-3)
  • Week 5 — medav (7-3)
  • Week 6 — NoleGrad07 (7-3)
  • Week 7 — Noleyman & Noles95’ (8-2)
  • Week 8 — RWHUGHESJR (8-2)
  • Week 9 — NoleGrad07, RWHUGHESJR & Noleyman (6-4)
  • Week 10 — Ukedadnole (7-3)
  • Week 11 — medav (9-1)
  • Week 12 — 89noles, Jason Kuruvilla & 72gymrat (7-3) **Brian went 8-2**
  • Week 13 — mr_britt, RWHUGHESJR, Ukedadnole, csfuu and medav (7 wins) **Brian had 8**

Could you be the next Comment Section Champion? Leave your picks below.

If you’re new to the proceedings (which many of you probably are because I’ve only done this for one season), drop your picks in the comments with the spread provided. The following week, I’ll tally up the wins and losses, give a salute to whoever dominates the weekend and add you to our BRAND NEW BULLET LIST OF CHAMPIONS above. Remember, that I’m just a guy with a keyboard, not a gambling pro, so this isn’t advice. Just giving all of us a viewing guide and rooting interest as we watch the football season.

Reminder, I pull all the lines from because it’s easier to track my picks.

***We do have some Friday games again so same rules as last week with most correct picks win.***

  • Conference USA Championship Game: North Texas Mean Green (+9.5) at UTSA Roadrunners (Friday at 7:30pm ET, CBSSN)

I don’t know anything about either of these teams, but let’s go to work!

Brian’s Pick: UTSA -9.5

  • Pac-12 Championship Game: No. 11 Utah Utes (+3.5) vs. No. 4 USC Trojans (Friday at 8:00pm ET, FOX)

I’ve been waiting for USC to falter all season. I’ve been calling it Caleb Williams, Jordan Addison, Lincoln Riley and a bunch of dudes. But holy crap those three dudes are doing it every single week man. Yes, Utah already got USC this year in Salt Lake City, but I’m finally in on USC. Caleb has been my best QB in the country for weeks now and I’ve decided that this elite Heisman level play is absolutely enough to win college football games. See you in the CFP, Trojans.

Brian’s Pick: USC -3.5

  • Big 12 Championship Game: No. 10 Kansas State Wildcats (+2.5) vs. No. 3 TCU Horned Frogs (Saturday at Noon ET, ABC)

Well, well, well... my nemesis. The TCU Horned Frogs. I have been picking against them for weeks to no avail — much like USC. And much like USC, they’ve put it right back in my face week after week. So it’s time for me to fold and support the TCU like I did for Caleb.

In the words of the incomparable Lee Corso, not so fast my friend.

I love Deuce Vaughn and these Wildcats so we ride with our guys.

Brian’s Pick: Kansas State +2.5

  • MAC Championship Game: Toledo Rockets (-2.5) vs. Ohio Bobcats (Saturday at Noon ET, ESPN)

I’ve got nothing for you. It’s Ohio for me guys.

Brian’s Pick: Ohio +2.5

  • Sun Belt Championship Game: Coastal Carolina Chanticleers (+8.5) at Troy Trojans (Saturday at 3:30pm ET, ESPN)

Back again with absolutely nothing. Chants!

Brian’s Pick: Coastal Carolina +8.5

  • SEC Championship Game: No. 14 LSU Tigers (+17.5) vs. No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs (Saturday at 4:00pm ET, CBS)

*Sigh.... I knew LSU wasn’t playoff caliber. I knew they weren’t the No. 5 team in the country. But that A&M game was about as bad as they could’ve possibly played. Brian Kelly said LSU has to think about how to play to reach their potential at this point and that they didn’t have the focus to do that last week. That combined with Jayden Daniels picking up an ankle injury should end their chances to win this game, but we’ve seen Georgia pushed when teams can put the ball in the air downfield. That has also been when LSU has found the most success against Florida, Ole Miss and Alabama. Could the injury be a reason to force Daniels to throw the ball more than tucking and running? Please allow me to wear my purple and gold glasses and pray the answer is yes while you all pick Georgia.

Brian’s Pick: LSU +17.5

  • AAC Championship Game: No. 22 UCF Golden Knights (+3.5) at No. 18 Tulane Green Wave (Saturday at 4:00pm ET, ABC)

Woof, that was a close one huh, UCF? Those Knights were seconds away from losing the last War on I-4 for awhile to a 1-10 USF last week, but they survived. Thanks to a great catch that I’m honestly not super sure was actually a catch, but hey who cares. They won. Now, they head to New Orleans for a date with the now upstart Green Wave. Tulane was able to keep Georgia Tech away to retain head coach Willie Fritz and now they’ve got a shot to go to a NY6 Bowl and build momentum for those soon-to-be expanded playoffs. It’s NOLA forever for me.

Brian’s Pick: Tulane -3.5

I’ve got nothing. Boise on blue.

Brian’s Pick: Boise State -3.5

I mentioned Caleb Williams as my top QB for the last few weeks. The other guy right there with him has been Drake Maye. UNC is a wildly flawed roster with that awful defense, but they’re fun. In every game and I’m rocking with my favorites throughout this article so I won’t turn my back on Drake now.

Brian’s Pick: UNC +7.5

Friends... Michigan looked like a run away train last week against the only team in their conference with a pulse. Their reward is a meeting with whoever the champs of the Big Ten West, which has been horrendous ends up being. Probably like Iowa or Minnesota. Oh what’s that? It’s Purdue.... Oh.... And Michigan is ranked No. 2? Hmm...

Friends, it’s time to ride with the Spoilermakers.

Brian’s Pick: Purdue +17.5