FSU Football NIL Tracker

Have not noticed anything like this on our site, and was not sure if others were as interested in tracking this as I was, but here goes with my first FanPost after a long time lurking around.The two NIL agencies I am tracking as of Jan 2023 are The Battles End (TBE) and Rising Spear (RiSp). The date provided is the first public confirmation of the player associating with the NIL (and the links are provided as available). Also providing twitter handles and merchandising links (whenever available) for the players. RiSp's role seems to be dipping in the football NIL space, so may discontinue featuring them after a while (keeping them listed for posterity sake)

Offense NILs

Defense NILs

Additionally, TN notes that Greedy Vance, Bless Harris, Trey Benson, Derrick McLendon, Kalen Deloach were associated with RiSp (as of 12/6/22 update).

Rising Spear's Instagram site notes that the following current FSU players were RiSp Ambassadors at the end of the 2021 season (it is unclear to me what being an Ambassador provides, and whether it is automatically renewed every year - I suspect not) : Fabien Lovett, A. J. Duffy, Treshaun Ward, Jordan Travis, and Jammie Robinson

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