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Florida State football, recruiting news: FSU completes best season since 2016; beats OU

The Oklahoma curse is over as FSU wins the Cheez-It Bowl

Charles Mays-Tomahawknation


For the first time since 2016 Florida State is poised for a top ten finish after securing their tenth victory of the season over the Oklahoma Sooners in the Cheez-It Bowl.

For the final time in 2022; here’s five questions and five questions answers from the beat.

We are wishing the Big 79 the speediest of recoveries:

Considering the situation former FSU DT Everette Dawkins might be right:

**sips tea**

Jordan Travis has joined a very special group of FSU quarterbacks.

These might be your best bets for the College Football Playoff.

Sonny Dykes called out the SEC and they’re week 10 FCS “bye games” before rivalry week.


I’m sorry, i’m sorry, I’m sorry. I had to do it; again, I apologize. Go ‘Noles.


Three Seminoles will be heading to San Antonio for the All-American Bowl: Hykeem Williams, Samuel Singleton, and Blake Nichelson.

2024 WR Joshisa Trader was in Orlando last night:

Other Sports:

Assuming FSU takes care of business vs. Georgia Tech on Sunday I expect FSU to be ranked next week:


Can’t imagine there were many people more excited about seeing FSU finally beat Oklahoma than Kenny Shaw: