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FSU football: Head coach Mike Norvell on the improvements in the Spring, Brownlee’s decision and more

“ It was an impressive practice from the speed I felt on the field ”

FLORIDA STATE — Head coach Mike Norvell spoke with the media following the sixth practice in the Spring. There will be a total of 15 practices and the Noles will have a scrimmage this Saturday to test out what they’ve been able to learn in the past few weeks. Although some players are still feeling the Spring break rust, it was a competitive practice where the defense made some incredible plays in the beginning and the offense ended with a bang.

Mike you’ve mentioned depth a couple times, is that something emerging in a couple positions or is that across the board?

“ I think it’s across the board... We have a lot of guys returning just within our football team, the you add 23 newcomers and some of the freshman are really showing up at all spots. Omar Graham at linebacker is a guy that I haven’t talked a whole lot about but I really like what I’m seeing, the three freshman defensive lineman... those guys are going to be really good players.”

When the offense and defense are going back and forth like that how does that raise the bar of what the team can accomplish?

“ I mean you want competition everyday, and you don’t want one side to just dominate a phase... I thought our guys did a good job, it was good to see some guys made some very challenging plays and it was an impressive practice from the speed that I felt on the field and the way the guys were encouraging and challenging each other.”