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Watch: DE Derrick McLendon II, DB Renardo Green interviews

“I love the game of football. When I play, I play as hard as I can.”

FLORIDA STATE - After FSU’s Thursday Spring Practice Derrick McLendon and Renardo Green spoke to the media.

McLendon talked about how fun this spring has been and where he ranks among the FSU’s defensive ends. Green is returning from injury and touched on his transition back to corner back.

DE Derrick McLendon II

I know it might be hard to see what’s in-front of you - but has anyone stood out from the running back position?

“Oh CJ! (Campbell) CJ is that guy right now. He has been standing out in spring. We already knew what he was capable of being the starting scout team running back. Now he’s getting his opportunities, he’s doing nothing but running with it.”

Can you describe some of tackles you have gone against and what you have seen from those players- whether it’s the holdovers or Bless Harris the new guy?

“Bless Harris has just been showing me different types of sets. With his experience, he’s class of 2018. Llyod Willis’s athleticism with his size they are both giving me great sets. Giving me great hands and great work. Everyday I am just coming out to be better. Just focusing on being a pro.”

You said mentally it is your third year in this system so you’re used to the scheme - but do you feel physically faster?

“Very. I am extremely fast right now. Honestly I feel like I am the best defensive end coming into this year. I am coming to display my talents on the field this year.”

Has it been the most fun spring since you have been here?

“Yes, sir. Getting my opportunity, getting my chance to show what I have. Just waiting my turn. J-Rod (Janarius Robinson) and (Joshua) Kaindoh two years ago just got drafted. Kier (Thomas) and Jermaine (Johnson) are getting drafted this season. Just understanding that it is my turn.”

DB Renardo Green

Physically how have you felt in the spring?

“I am feeling great. Feeling healthy, feeling fast and explosive. I am feeling great overall.”

To be this healthy for this extended period of time, what has that been like for you to practice this consistently?

“I love the game of football. When I play, I play as hard as I can. I love every aspect of it. So being able to get back on the grass, being with my teammates and being able to compete with the highs and lows - getting back that field has meant the world to me.”

How has the move back to corner back been for you, and how was that initially presented to you?

“It feels good. I have always been able to play all defensive back positions but I am a corner by trade. Going back to corner, having a dude in front of me every single time, it feels good. It is a good feeling to get back to my roots.