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Offensive coordinator, OL coach Alex Atkins talks new role, 2022 season

The new Florida State Seminoles offensive coordinator chats with the media

After two years of successfully raising the floor of the Florida State football offensive line room, Alex Atkins earned a promotion following the departure of Kenny Dillingham to Oregon, adding offensive coordinator to his title.

The OC and offensive line coach was available today for interviews as part of FSU’s pre-spring media event, and below are quotes from his time with Tomahawk Nation. A full video of the interview will be posted when available.

On coming to Florida State initially

“I was a play-caller, but I wanted to learn from a guy that called plays better than I did, who was Mike Norvell. I knew I could be a value, and that I was going to create value, and that I was going to learn who was doing that at a high level.”

On relationships within offensive line room

“Those guys personally have done a good job of making sure that when they came in the room, they understood that they were coming into the room at Florida State — that’s why we’ve been having good relationships and I can’t wait to continue.”

On blocking as a team

“That’s an essential part of football, tackling and blocking. Everybody in the offense is at one point going to block. We talk about perimeter blocking, that’s when we starting seeing those long runs, those touchdown blocks, when we get to those safeties and you put a crack inside or man on, that ball spits out, you got that thing locked up ad that’s when you see those long runs.”

Video, which precedes the interview portion with Tomahawk, is courtesy of Noles247