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Florida State football, recruiting news: What does FSU’s offensive depth chart look like?

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Jordan Travis is QB1; everything else? Up for grabs.

Jim Phillips doesn’t see much need for the NCAA. (VIP)

“What are you doing with the sport of football?” Phillips continued. “Does it need to be managed separately? Do you need to have a governance structure? Those are questions we should be asking ourselves. And when I say the sport of football, I’m really talking about the 10 FBS conferences and Notre Dame. Those are the conferences that have said we are committed to this type of resourcing. Some do it less, but a minimum of 85 scholarships and then everybody else decides how much more they want to do, whether it’s in their stadium or resources or salaries are those kinds of commitment.

Two of FSU’s best performers down the stretch in 2022 are RisingSpear Ambassadors:


Four-star FSU commitment Keith Sampson ha tentative plans to be at FSU’s big man camp:

Four-star defensive end Trey Wilson, out of Texas, got a visit from Coach Papuchis.

Other Sports:

Should FSU fans book a trip to Oklahoma? If they as well during the Regional as they have all season then yes they should.

It’s the final week of the regular season and FSU Baseball is traveling to face North Carolina.

Will FSU get to 20 championships before the rest of the conference gets to 15?


Myron Rolle is returning to Tallahassee:

Stanford Samuels III is getting another shot with the Raiders:

Last year’s 26th overall pick signed for 3 years, 12.7 million.