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How much does Mycah Pittman improve the offense?

Spring player report cards

Wide receiver was an obvious area of concern for the Florida State Seminoles coaching staff going into the 2022 season.

They addressed this concern with three transfers. Jordan Wilson Jr. is a big hybrid tight end that lets you be more dynamic with your offense, Winston Wright is a receiver with big-play capabilities who was unfortunately injured before he could make his way on campus, and Mycah Pittman is the do-it-all utility receiver that can be relied on to consistently win yardage.

At least that's what the story has been.

Instead of relying on narratives, we at the Triple Option prefer to let the film tell the story. That's why we’re starting this Spring Report Card series. In these upcoming videos, we will break down every single play that a key player or position group participated in during the spring game.

First up is Mycah Pittman. He received a lot of buzz over his spring game performance, but was it warranted? Let’s let the film decide.