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Up Close with Tomahawk: Meet the real NoleThruandThru

Introducing you to the Tomahawk Nation staff, one-by-one

Here at Tomahawk Nation, we’re lucky to have ourselves a fine group of learned people who are able to help shape, produce and elevate the content we put out here covering Florida State athletics.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that there’s a human behind the words — we’re here to fix that. Each week, we’ll be giving some insight into the people that make TN’s engine purr.

Up first, king of the recruiting comment section, NoleThruandThru.

What was the deciding factor in your decision to attend FSU in Tallahassee?

I’m a third-generation FSU alum, so I like to think of it as destiny. Despite moving from Florida to Colorado when I was young, we still made annual summer trips to see family in Florida and always made a pilgrimage to Tallahassee. I refused to become a Broncos fan because of their colors. As soon as I got my acceptance letter, it was a done deal!

Which Seminole highlight makes you the happiest when you watch it?

Greg Jones tattooing Dexter Reid. I got to meet Greg at The Players Championship a couple years ago and joke around with him about how I’ll remember Dexter Reid’s name for the rest of my life.

Who is your all-time favorite FSU player?

Peter Warrick.

What was your major at FSU and what is your current occupation?

English major and Psychology minor, and I currently work in university administration.

Which was the most memorable game you witnessed live, at Doak, and elsewhere as a visitor?

I was at FSU from 2004-2007, and the Miami Muff game was most memorable for me. From seeing Michael Irvin sporting a coke ‘stache pregame to getting texts that two of my cowboy hat-wearing friends were spotlighted by Brent Musberger, it was all a blast. My buddies and I scored front row seats in section 7, so the muff happened right in front of us. I’ve never heard any stadium louder than that moment and had partial hearing loss for the next couple days. As a visitor, it would be Bobby’s last game in the Gator Bowl win over West Virginia.

What was the attraction for you to follow FSU recruiting as closely as you do?

I started following recruiting heavily in 2004 after I’d made some friends on the football team. I was recruited out of high school but certainly not at a national level. I remember being shocked at the stories these guys would tell me about their own recruitments. It became an addiction and here I am, though I have to admit it isn’t as fun for me to follow with the recent NCAA developments over the past couple years.

What is your favorite non-football FSU sports moment?

I was able to storm the court each basketball season I was a student when FSU upset Chris Paul and Wake Forest, JJ Redick and Duke (technically stormed twice that night), and UF’s natty team.

If it couldn’t be FSU, which college team would you root for?

Air Force, TCU, or Arkansas.

Which pro teams are you a fan of, if any?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Orlando Magic, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Rockies.

What was your favorite spot on campus or in Tallahassee when you were a student?

Landis Green, admiring the scenery of course!

If you could’ve played for FSU, what position would you have played and what number would you have worn?

Wide receiver, #80.

Tell Tomahawk Nation something unique about yourself.

My grandpa’s godfather was Thomas Alva Edison.