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FSU coaches talk player development ahead of camp

“It becomes the Jordan Travis offense because it’s built for playmakers and he’s a playmaker.”

FLORIDA STATE — FSU coordinators and assistants spoke with the media following head coach Mike Norvell’s pre-camp presser. Offensive coordinator Alex Atkins, defensive coordinator Adam Fuller, and quarterbacks coach Tony Tokarz were made after a media luncheon Tuesday afternoon.

Offensive coordinator, offensive line coach Alex Atkins

After becoming the new offensive coordinator this past off-season, Atkins got a chance to discuss the offense as a whole and not just the offensive line (which he still coaches.)

On transfer running back Trey Benson

“The leadership and ownership he’s taken on…If you watch our practices I promise you Trey is back there standing behind the young running backs and coaching them just like he was coach (David) Johnson.”

On whether or not he has the tools now on offense to succeed

“What I love about coach Norvell’s offense is we use the tools we have, they are the offense. We are going to put the best players in the best situations. We got the players, we just gotta make sure that we have a scheme that fits them.”

On quarterback Jordan Travis’ development

“Jordan was the young guy out there with a whole new coaching staff and a whole new system so his comfort level has just shown strides as it should. he went through the normal process of a developing quarterback. he kinda struggled earlier what they said he couldn’t do and now he can, now he’s the leader now he's out there changing plays and checking at the line of scrimmage. It becomes the Jordan Travis offense because it’s built for playmakers and he’s a playmaker.”

The full interview can be seen below:

Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller

Heading into year three defensive coordinator Adam Fuller spoke on defensive lineman Robert Cooper’s smashing of the rock and what that meant to the team. He also spoke about newcomers Jared Verse and Tatum Bethune.

On Robert Cooper smashing the rock to end the summer

“Now listen, Coop’s been here from day one since we walked through the door. To see the commitment he’s made, not only to himself but to the team, to the program and that showed up in the off-season, that showed up in-season, and that's something, you know, I know our team was excited to see it and Coop deserved it.”

On linebacker Tatum Bethune’s involvement in the defense

“We’ve had most of the defense here all spring which was huge. Especially a guy who plays in the middle of your defense and is involved in a lot of the baseline communication (like) Tatum is. Just to see him get along with Kalen and Amari and DJ Lundy and Steven Dix and Brendan Gant, he is a very calculated leader in a good way.”

On defensive lineman Jared Verse’s development

“I think just continuing his relationship with our guys and him as a teammate. When you bring guys in who are transfers it’s always a part of that. I think the physical development has really hit but that's been natural for him. He’s a pusher, he works himself constantly. I just think his role with the team and what that fits in day to day.“

The full interview can be seen below:

Quarterback coach Tony Tokarz

Another promotion from the off-season, quarterbacks coach Tony Tokarz spoke about Jordan Travis’ development and how he has progressed during his time here.

On quarterback Jordan Travis’ significant weight gain this past off-season

“I wouldn't say that we have a set philosophy like hey Jordan Travis you gotta be this weight we let our players set a goal, us as position coaches we will kind of sign off on that and hold them accountable to it. I think that's something that Jordan did a good job this off-season. Holding himself accountable to it knowing that he had to wake up make sure he ate his meals make sure he utilized our nutrition people, taking his shakes after practice doing those little things to take care of his body

On Travis’ natural talent and how he is progressing

“Him as a scrambler, that’s him letting his natural ability to take over. I think that this past spring he did a really good job of just trying to keep his eyes downfield, work the pocket, work the progressions, come down the check downs, and just continuing to progress as a quarterback as a whole. This past offseason I kinda challenged him a little bit and said, ‘Hey let's use your legs as a weapon and not always necessarily as a crutch.’”

On quarterback AJ Duffy’s growth

“He’s a guy who came in a little ahead of the curve as far as football knowledge goes and quarterback play. his dad is a really good high school coach and a really good football mind. But just like any young kid that steps foot on campus you're gonna go through your lumps. There still is a learning curve and AJ has adjusted to things well here. I think what makes AJ successful is the way he works.”