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Florida State football, recruiting news: Johnny Wilson is the ACC WR of the Week

Not your same old Seminoles in 2022.

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images


Johnny Wilson is the ACC receiver of the week after his stellar performance vs. Louisville:

FSU vs. Louisville; the cinematic experience:

Alex Atkins and Adam Fuller met with the media to discuss FSU’s players and its 3-0 start.

FSU is favored over by BC by at least two touchdowns.

Speaking of BC there are no significant changes on this week’s depth chart.

Although the injuries looked dire on Friday night Mike Norvell received positive reports about the various injuries FSU suffered after the tests came back.

It’s time to put some respect on Tate Rodemaker’s name.

FSU is unranked again but as long as they continue to take care of business that’s not something they’ll have to worry about.

In 2014 the ACC had 11 teams make a bowl game; could 2022 repeat?

Mike Glennon, yes former NC State QB Mike Glennon, believes FSU’s offense has a chance to be special:


Four-star LB target Blake Nichelson commits tonight at 9:30PM:

Three-star WR commitment Darren (Goldie) Lawrence has been excellent in his first three games:

Other Sports:

12th-ranked soccer is back home this week for ACC play: