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College Football Picks Week 5: Conquering the Atlantic

Plus huge ranked SEC matchups

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First and foremost, my thoughts are with so many people in Florida this weekend, especially those in the Fort Myers/Naples area. There’s a long road ahead after Hurricane Ian’s march across the state.

It’ll be a long road back toward normal, but you will get through this and so many of us across Florida are here to help. I know FSU is offering free tickets to the game Saturday if you’re in the Tallahassee area as just one resource to focus on something else right now. If you were impacted, just know help is on the way and we’re happy to talk some football in the comments this weekend to help keep you occupied.

Now to that football.

I got back over the .500 mark this week thanks to mindlessly bitching the Oregon line, moving them from 7 point favorites to 7 point underdogs. That free win was enough to get me to 6-4 on the week.

The comment section got beat up last week. Lots of folks finishing under .500, but not medav. He was our sole 7-3 finisher on the week. Congrats and welcome to the hall of champions!

Comment Section Champions:

  • Week 0 — NoleOhana (8-3) yeah, we did 11 games that week
  • Week 1 — OhNoleHeDidnt (7-3)
  • Week 2 — Jason Kuruvilla, DenverNoleFan & mr_britt (8-2)
  • Week 3 — mr_britt & trojan24man (9-1)
  • Week 4 — medav (7-3)

Could you be the next Comment Section Champion? Leave your picks below.

If you’re new to the proceedings (which many of you probably are because I’ve only done this for one season), drop your picks in the comments with the spread provided. The following week, I’ll tally up the wins and losses, give a salute to whoever dominates the weekend and add you to our BRAND NEW BULLET LIST OF CHAMPIONS above. Remember, that I’m just a guy with a keyboard, not a gambling pro, so this isn’t advice. Just giving all of us a viewing guide and rooting interest as we watch the football season.

Reminder that I pull all the lines from because they make it easier for me to track my picks. And I’ll apologize in advance for the length of these write ups as I’m just wrapping up some overnight shifts at my day job for the storm. My brain ain’t capable of the same effort I normally bring but I will do my best.

I’m stunned by this line. Kentucky is pretty damn good and I think plenty capable of winning this game. Ole Miss looks to be getting better each week and could also be way too much offense for UK to keep up with. When I think anything could happen, I’m happy to take more than a touchdown worth of points.

Brian’s Pick: Kentucky +7.5

Oklahoma collected their annual Kansas State loss last week, which means they’re about to go on the run that puts them on the playoff bubble by November. Can’t lose two in a row.

Brian’s Pick: Oklahoma -6.5

I’m sorry I put Iowa on the slate. They’ve been horrendous offensively all season after taking over as the punting kings of college football. But this one feels like a game Michigan loses right? Just feels like Iowa wins a 12-10 or 13-12 game just because football has to happen at some point.

Brian’s Pick: Iowa +10.5

Our conquering covering heroes are once again banished to the PAC-12 Network against a top-25 opponent. Oregon State has become the team that I thought UVA would be for me before the year. I’ll go to my cover Beavers to come through for me again.

Brian’s Pick: Oregon State +10.5

My pigs let me down last week. Yeah, they covered, but they also let Max Johnson continue to get credit as a competent QB, which he simply is not. I think that has a lot of people down on Arkansas, but I love them as a home hog in this spot. Alabama isn’t quite Alabama that we’re used to (at least at this point in the season) and I really think Arkansas is a good football team.

Brian’s Pick: Arkansas +17.5

I’ve got nothing for you here. Baylor appears to not be as good as I thought they’d be this year. They did lose a lot of talent so maybe I should’ve figured that out on my own.

Brian’s Pick: Oklahoma State +1.5

For the details on my pick and the rest of the staff, click here.

Brian’s Pick: Wake Forest +7.5

Kansas is good? Legitimately good? Idk. But that offense sure is. Jaylon Daniels is a super fun college football QB that can make plays all over the field. The Jayhawks getting points at home? Gotta ride with them!

Brian’s Pick: Kansas +3.5

This game has no business being on the slate, but it’s the Super Bowl in my house. My Tigers vs. my wife’s Tigers in the annual game that ends with a loss for me regardless of who wins. Tough day at my house every year so let’s just get this one over with as well. My Tigers are due.

Brian’s Pick: LSU -8.5

How does Clemson keep getting away with this? These dudes ain’t it man. They’re still probably the best team in the ACC, but they’ve got some pretty clear holes. My issue is whether or not NC State can take advantage of them enough to finally knock them off. I’ll follow the same thought process as last week, give me points and we’ll make it out alright.

Brian’s Pick: NC State +7.5