Looking ahead to the 2024 roster...

Obviously living in the moment for one hell of a season so far. But putting aside the current season, I've been thinking about how the reserves and young guys have played, and how veteran this team is.

How do we feel about the roster after we lose so many guys?

DL -

Fiske, Lovett, Verse, Briggs gone... Payton, Farmer back? Darrell Jackson?

Gilber, Turner, Ray will be back.

What about the young guys? do we see any of them emerging? If Payton, Farmer, Jackson all back, woo boy. If not... Where are the stars?

LB -

deloach and tatum gone. Lundy prob back.

Lundy, Nickelson, Graham decent core. Lack star power? Depth?

DB -

Lose 3 starters but this group is absolutely loaded for years to come. 0 concern.

QB -

Brock Glenn is sounding like a future star, and another year of a solid backup option, plus a freshman star and whatever Duffy is. No way to know ceiling here but feel good about the floor.

RB -

hill, campbell, holmes good group to build around. plus incoming freshman

WR -

Hykeem, Destyn, Spann are the standouts for future. Dre and Portier. Pretty solid group.

TE -

in good shape here too. Douglas and the white dude is a good core.

OL -

Lose a lot of guys here. Mo Smith and Rob Scott back? Byers gone? Darius and Ke Jones? Armella and Simmons are the future... any other bright spots? How good do we feel in this group for next year? How far is FSU from having OL that can bully people?


One hell of a season, and getting to see the future guys is great. how big of a drop are we expecting? Any future stars I'm missing? Overall, I feel the roster is solid enough for them to avoid a huge drop. Excited about the tackles and skill talent to build around. Solid depth for the most part. LB looks thin, and DE looks thin. A lot up in the air, but I've been thinking about it.

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