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Florida State football, recruiting news: Box office Seminoles, FSU is on national TV again

When the ‘Noles win, eyes tune in.

Syracuse v Florida State Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images


FSU will either be on national TV on ESPN or ABC when they travel to Pitt:

That’s 7 out of 8 games this year, all eyes on Tallahasssee.

One week away from November and FSU is still leading the pack when it comes to strength of record:

QB1 continues to rack up the awards:

Two more Seminoles were named ACC Players of the Week.

Here’s how Florida State took control of the ACC this weekend.

Florida State is number three in CBS’ Power Rankings.

And of course, the cinematic recap:


The top cornerback target left on FSU’s board is four-star DB Jamari Howard and he has announced a commitment date:

With three five-star recruits (potentially more) and a blue-chip ratio of 68% and climbing this is poised to be FSU’s highest recruiting class since 2017.

Other Sports:

Another aweome week ahead for Seminole Athletics:

A new ACC record and the season is not over:


Jermaine Johnson is telling his former teammates to own the moment and embrace expectations: