We're going to "Get Down, Get Down, Get Down, Get Down, Get Down Tonight"!!

Boomers rule, canes drool!!! Ran across this yesterday and it revived my desire to post a "gameday song". Jimbo sucked the joy out of gameday and Willie eviscerated everything that made reveling in anything Nole related painful at best. Thank god we have turned the page with "Memphis Mike" at the helm and boys.........after we fold, spindle and mutilate scUM we are so going to GET DOWN TONIGHT!

Get Down Tonight - KC and the Sunshine Band - YouTube

My god what a blast from the past this video is!! If you were born in the 40's, 50's or 60's (or if your introduction to "cable" TV was the Superstation) you know pretty much all these sitcoms by heart. Your job (if you accept it) is to A).... identify what dancer you are most akin to and..... 2).... what dancer you would most like as your partner.

It's my post, so I get to go first. Elizabeth Montgomery (RIP) was my doppelgänger, so I am most assuredly either Samantha or Serena. I'm a brunette (who sadly once got a perm that was eerily similar). Also, definitely more the "bad witch" type...... so Serena it is (though the ex did possess the same dancing "skills" that Darren exhibits whilst cutting the rug with Samantha).

Who's my date??? Most definitely Gomez!!! The man has some moves and both the panache and swagger to pull them off (dare I say just like JT??)

Oh, as to the game, we are "Getting Down Tonight"....... NOLES KICK ASS, TAKE NAMES AND RAGDOLL scUM !!

35-16 >>>------,,> Just like us Boomers......NOLES RULE!!!!!

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