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Florida State is No. 4 in the Playoff — Not time to care yet but we’re close

A 7-point victory over Utah wasn’t enough to change the committee’s opinion on FSU and Washington

Charles Mays/Tomahawk Nation

Florida State is ranked fourth in the college football playoff rankings again after beating rival Miami to move to 10-0 but there was a change at the top:

  1. Georgia
  2. Ohio State
  3. Michigan
  4. Florida State
  5. Washington
  6. Oregon

With two regular season games and championship week left, we’re almost close to caring.

The interesting thing is obviously Georgia moving to No.1 and Ohio State to No.2. Match-up-wise, assuming FSU takes care of business these next three weeks, you’d much rather match up against B1G Champion than Georgia.

FSU in Pasadena is looking more like a reality.

Last week I posited that if UGA ran the table they would jump Ohio State as the top overall seed, the loser of Michigan-OSU would move out of the top four and FSU would move to No.3 for a trip to California.

Insert the College Football Playoff committee not waiting until the SEC Championship to move OSU to No.2 and UGA to No.1.

It’s starting to become clear that while the committee’s logic is inconsistent at best they value eye test over all other values. An intangible measure that is subjected to the eyes and football acumen of the owner of said eyes. Oh, what a fantastic way to choose who, when, where, and how the four best teams compete for a national championship. (Heaviest of sarcasm)

FSU being No.4 again means that it’s more likely that FSU slides to No.3 assuming they win out than Washington jumping from No.5 to No.3 to replace the loser of the Michigan-Ohio State game should they win out.

There was consternation among FSU fans that a 7-point victory over Miami was a bad result that would lead to a fall in the rankings. In fact, here’s what Boo Corrigan (current chairperson of the committee) had to say about the game.

Don’t undersell the Miami-FSU rivalry. Miami hit a big play for that TD in the 2nd half & we felt FSU was the dominant team

Maybe the committee, unlike many fans, as former athletic directors and coaches themselves, understands that winning games is hard and value that result far more than style points.

Congratulations College Football Playoff Committee; I’m not angry with you this week; just nonplussed over the emphasis placed on the “eye test”.

See you next week!

The full rankings:

  1. Georgia Bulldogs (10-0)
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes (10-0)
  3. Michigan Wolverines (10-0)
  4. Florida State Seminoles (10-0)
  5. Washington Huskies (10-0)
  6. Oregon Ducks (9-1)
  7. Texas Longhorns (9-1)
  8. Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1)
  9. Missouri Tigers (8-2)
  10. Louisville Cardinals (9-1)
  11. Oregon State Beavers (8-2)
  12. Penn State Nittany Lions (8-2)
  13. Ole Miss Rebels (8-2)
  14. Oklahoma Sooners (8-2)
  15. LSU Tigers (7-3)
  16. Iowa Hawkeyes (8-2)
  17. Arizona Wildcats (7-3)
  18. Tennessee Volunteers (7-3)
  19. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-3)
  20. North Carolina Tar Heels (8-2)
  21. Kansas State Wildcats (7-3)
  22. Utah Utes (7-3)
  23. Oklahoma State (7-3)
  24. Tulane Green Wave (9-1)
  25. Kansas Jayhawks (7-3)