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Florida State is No. 5 in the Playoff — Hey Rece Davis, just say it with your chest

Washington’s road win over 16th-ranked Oregon State pushed the Huskies ahead of the Seminoles

Duke v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Florida State is ranked fifth in the College Football Playoff rankings after losing its quarterback Jordan Travis in a 58-13 victory over North Alabama to move to 11-0.

Jordan Travis embodies what Mike Norvell’s climb is all about.

Now as I turn our attention to the Washington Huskies as they take FSU’s old spot at No.4 after a road victory over 16th-ranked Oregon State. Washington is now the only undefeated team with three victories over top-25 teams. (I know Tennessee is ranked, I don’t care. I’m not acknowledging that, that is not a top-25 team) Washington, as the only team with three top-25 teams wins, place is well-earned. The new top six looks like this:

  1. Georgia Bulldogs (11-0)
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes (11-0)
  3. Michigan Wolverines (11-0)
  4. Washington Huskies (11-0)
  5. Florida State Seminoles (11-0)
  6. Oregon Ducks (10-1)

I actually don’t have a problem with any of this. Florida State will have its chance to prove itself at Florida and then vs. No.10 Louisville for the ACC Championship. Michigan and Ohio State play each other and Washington gets Oregon again so FSU is prime position to take care of business and still get in, You’re 23 so far College Football Playoff committee.

This may seem like kind of a neutral tone from me considering the last two weeks where I’ve sarcastically ripped into the College Football Playoff committee’s logic but this week’s sardonic derisiveness is reserved for one man and one man only, ESPN’s Rece Davis.

Seriously Rece, what the hell is this?

Honestly Rece, just outright ask the man why he won’t rank one-loss Alabama ahead of Florida State? I mean, I just know that there’s no reason the Alabama grad keeps pestering Mr. Corrigan with questions about one-loss teams when there’s five undefeated teams and two of them play each other, right?

Because if things play-out and all of the undefeated wins out then there’s no debate as all four will make it. Yet if Washington drops the rematch to Oregon then the debate becomes between likely Texas and Oregon......oh.

Rece thinks Alabama is going to win out and in that scenario the only way Alabama gets in is if Texas gets in as well so one of the undefeated teams has to be pushed out:

It’s okay Rece, you have nothing to worry about because Alabama isn’t beating Georgia so next time don’t waste five minutes of air-time bloviating about non-descript one-loss teams moving ahead of non-descript undefeated teams and just say with it your chest.

See you guys next week,

The full rankings:

  1. Georgia Bulldogs (11-0)
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes (11-0)
  3. Michigan Wolverines (11-0)
  4. Washington Huskies (11-0)
  5. Florida State Seminoles (11-0)
  6. Oregon Ducks (10-1)
  7. Texas Longhorns (10-1)
  8. Alabama Crimson Tide (10-1)
  9. Missouri Tigers (9-2)
  10. Louisville Cardinals (10-1)
  11. Penn State Nittany Lions (9-2)
  12. Ole Miss Rebels (9-2)
  13. Oklahoma Sooners (9-2)
  14. LSU Tigers (8-3)
  15. Arizona Wildcats (8-3)
  16. Oregon State Beavers (8-3)
  17. Iowa Hawkeyes (9-2)
  18. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-3)
  19. Kansas State Wildcats (8-3)
  20. Oklahoma State Cowboys (8-3)
  21. Tennessee Volunteers (7-4)
  22. NC State Wolfpack (8-3)
  23. Tulane Green Wave (10-1)
  24. Clemson Tigers (7-4)
  25. Liberty Flames (11-0)