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Florida State is No. 4 in the Playoff — should you care?

A 10-point victory over USC wasn’t enough to sway the fourth spot Washington’s way

Syracuse v Florida State Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Florida State is ranked fourth in the college football playoff rankings again.

  1. Ohio State
  2. Georgia
  3. Michigan
  4. Florida State
  5. Washington
  6. Oregon

So what does it all mean and why should we care? To be honest you probably shouldn’t but if you’re reading this article that means we’re long past the point of not being obsessed with College Football and that’s ok because I’m obsessed too.

So, again, why should you care? Because it means that the committee, despite its inconsistent logic at best (we’ll get to that later), is at least consistent in the ranking itself for the second week in a row.

It also means that if FSU wins out (not that unlikely) then there’s no shot at FSU missing the playoff. If Ohio State and Michigan are undefeated when they play each other FSU is likely to face the winner in Pasadena in the semifinal of the College Football Playoff.

Why am I convinced that FSU is headed to Pasadena?

Two reasons:

  1. UGA runs the table and a victory over a likely top-6 ranked Alabama puts them over the MICH/OSU winner because the Big Ten West is awful.
  2. The loser of the MICH/OSU drops out the top four entirely and up slides undefeated 13-0 FSU looking to once again exorcise some playoff-Rose Bowl demons.

Now back to the Committee and it’s inconsistent logic. With Ohio State it’s the resume, with Georgia and Michigan it’s the eye test; with FSU that has a good maybe not great combination of both it’s “They struggled vs. Pitt and BC” although Corrigan did at least acknowledge that FSU wasn’t full strength vs. Pitt:

Winning road conference games is hard, period. The other program on the other side of the field in their home environment has 85 power 5 scholarships available to use, too. It’s rarely a pushover anytime you go on the road in conference play. (Travel rosters are not as large as home rosters)

That BC team that everyone keeps whinging about FSU only winning 31-29 against is 6-2 since Thomas Castellanos became their starting quarterback. If they opened with Castellanos against ODU BC is 7-2 with two losses to top eleven teams. That’s not as bad a victory as people want to pretend it is.

Michigan hasn’t struggled because they haven’t played anyone. UGA struggled with Auburn (5-4) and was down 14-3 to a 2-6 South Carolina team at half and Ohio State has struggled with half its schedule before pulling away in the second half akin to FSU, so what’s the deal?

Is it Oochie-Wally or is it One Mic College Football Playoff committee?

College Football Playoff Rankings: Week 11

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes (9-0)
  2. Georgia Bulldogs (9-0)
  3. Michigan Wolverines (9-0)
  4. Florida State Seminoles (9-0)
  5. Washington Huskies (9-0)
  6. Oregon Ducks (8-1)
  7. Texas Longhorns (8-1)
  8. Alabama Crimson Tide (8-1)
  9. Ole Miss Rebels (8-1)
  10. Penn State Nittany Lions (8-1)
  11. Louisville Cardinals (8-1)
  12. Oregon State Beavers (7-2)
  13. Tennessee Volunteers (7-2)
  14. Missouri Tigers (7-2)
  15. Oklahoma State Cowboys (7-2)
  16. Kansas Jayhawks (7-2)
  17. Oklahoma Sooners (7-2)
  18. Utah Utes (7-2)
  19. LSU Tigers (6-3)
  20. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-3)
  21. Arizona Wildcats (6-3)
  22. Iowa Hawkeyes (7-2)
  23. Tulane Green Wave (8-1)
  24. North Carolina Tar Heels (7-2)
  25. Kansas State Wildcats (6-3)