FSU Snub - Legal Ramifications

Hey Everyone,

We all know what happened, and there is a LOT of speculation going around.

Really wanted to make a spot to talk about it with levelheaded minds on the matter, as hard as that might be.

The main things I wanted to talk about is, is there actual legal justification for FSU, the state of florida, or the ACC suing the CFB committee/NCAA or something?

I've seen that Ron Desantis (Florida Governor) has pledge $1 million towards this if there is legal justification for actually suing. (he has done things like this before for other things, usually doesn't go anywhere).

I've seen Rick Scott (Florida Senator) demand all communication leading up to this decision (texts, emails, letters, etc).

What are yalls thoughts? Do we have any law students willing to chime in? Anyone else in the know maybe?

Is this something we should, or shouldn't do?

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