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Florida State football, recruiting news: Jordan Travis to attend Manning Passing Academy

FSU falls to Oklahoma in the National Championship

Peyton Baker/Tomahawk Nation


QB1 will attend the Manning Passing Academy:

The Big Ten has gone the way of the ACC and scrapped its divisions.

In the age of social media it’s easier than ever to get behind the scenes access to players and see what really goes into being a high-level D1 football player:


Five-Star 2025 OT and likely No.1 overall recruit David Sanders will be taking a multi-day unofficial visit to FSU starting today.

The beginning of a crucial recruiting month for FSU starts this weekend.

Four-star safety Fred Gaskin plans to officially visit FSU in December; first reported by NoleThruandThru in the recruiting thread.

The Noles are in serious position for a top-ten top-5 type of recruiting class:

Other Sports:

All good things must come to an end as FSU fell to Oklahoma in the national championship. Unfortunately the ‘Noles ran into an OU team that might be the best softball team of all time:

FSU’s 4x1 team will race for All-American Honors and a national championship tonight on ESPN:

Jeremiah Davis is a first-team All-American:


Dalvin Cook’s Minnesota Vikings career is over. Viewed as a cap casualty; the 27-year old four-time pro-bowlers will have numerous suitors for his services: