Myths about the 2022 FSU-LSU game

I think a few false narratives have been widely pushed since the final whistle was blown. I believe several of them were pushed by other fan bases that are not friendly to either FSU or LSU (I wonder who that could be?).

1. "The game was mistake-filled and poorly played."

Certainly, players made a few obvious mistakes during the game. Several commentators have used this as a basis for their judgement, completely ignoring the high quality of play for the other 135 plays. That quality of play was above and beyond what most people expected. If you want to see a game where both teams played poorly, watch the LSU-Arkansas game. Well, one guy played very well!

2. "Pitching the ball on the 1 yard line was a terrible play call."

No, fumbling a pitch is just terrible execution. If a pitch is so risky, why ever pitch a ball anywhere on the field? A far more risky play is handing a ball off to a defensive player who probably does not spend much time practicing ball security and taking handoffs.

3. "Jayden Daniels didn't feel comfortable throwing the ball down field."

He was simply more comfortable for the first 1 1/2 quarters running for 15 yards each time. Why bother throwing the ball when you're on pace to gain 250 yards on the ground and barely be touched as you run out of bounds? And if you are going to throw on the run, it's best to throw short instead of inaccurately long (ask Anthony Richardson). Once the run was abated somewhat, he started throwing more downfield. Solid decision by Daniels, good adjustment by FSU.

4. "FSUs offence looked sluggish and struggled to make a big play."

FSU had drives of 9, 14, 14, 12, and 8 plays. Name a game in the previous five years where we could even hope of sustaining long drives. They had these long drives because they executed very well. LSU contained them and limited big plays, something they later struggle with, but their DBs could be very impressive at times. Just ask Bryce Young about them.

5. "Except for Johnny Wilson, FSU's receivers were terrible (heard on two LSU podcasts)"

Pokey Wilson caught, not one, but two TDs where an LSU defender was flagged for a PI. Peter Warrick did that once in the 2000 Sugar Bowl. I've never seen a receiver do that twice in a game.

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