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FSU Softball Pros: Muffley shines; Sherrill earns defensive award

A trio of Seminoles play for Athletes Unlimited; a pair for Women’s Pro Fastpitch

Charles Mays/Tomahawknation

After successful careers as a Florida State Seminole, multiple alumni of the program have been making their mark on professional softball this summer. A handful of ‘Noles are growing the game in two different leagues, some in the midst of the action, and others in a playoff push.

Josie Muffley - Athletes Unlimited

Announced in July, Josie Muffley signed a professional contract to play with Athletes Unlimited softball. Playing her first week under their unique scoring system, Muffley gained her first hit as a pro for Team Denham.

The next weekend, Muffley added to her game. As a member of Team Zerkle for week 2, she went 3 for 8 in her three starts. Her three hits came in one game, where she had one run and one RBI in the team win.

Heading into week 3, Muffley is a member of Team Alexander and is currently 41st out of 60 players on the leaderboard. She has accumulated 398 stat points.

Kathryn Sandercock - Athletes Unlimited

As a collegiate draft pick for AU, Kat Sandercock has made her professional debut. While she is waiting on her first start, she has made appearances in relief through the first two weeks.

For Team Mulipola in week one, Kat racked up 6.2 innings of work with 2 R, 7 H, 0 BB, 2 K in her three appearances. After her second week with Team Faraimo, Sandercock has a season total of 10 IP, 2 K, 2 R, 1 BB, 1.40 ERA and a 0-1 record.

While AU makes a trip to Greenville, NC for the Little League Softball World Series, her and her family were honored for their dedication over the years.

Kat is currently 26th out of 60 players with 480 stat points.

Jessi Warren - Athletes Unlimited

After not playing last season, Jessi Warren returns to AU for the 2023 season. In June, Warren participated in the shortened AUX season, where she finished 6th and now is participating in the championship season.

As a member of Team Mulipola for week 1 of the championship season, Warren went 1 for 8 with 1 H, 1 2B, 1 HBP. For week 2 and Team Garcia, she went 3 for 10 with 1 RBI, 1 BB and 3 H.

Warren is currently 56th out of 60 AU players with 236 stat points.

Elizabeth Mason - Texas Smoke

In their first season in the WPF, the Texas Smoke added Elizabeth Mason to their roster. During her first professional season, Mason has served as the catcher and has a .236 BA with 10 R, 13 H, 8 RBI, 1 2B, 1 3B, 2 HR, and 7 BB.

The Smoke have claimed the WPF Regular Season title and are the leading team heading into championship week.

Sydney Sherrill - OKC Spark

After playing with AU last summer, Sydney Sherrill has now taken her talents to the WPF for the first ever season for the OKC Spark.

Back home in Oklahoma, Sherrill is the starting 3rd baseman for the Spark. Batting .265 with 20 R, 17 H, 11 RBI, 3 2B, 3 HR and 13 BB.

With the WPF heading into postseason, Sherrill and the Spark sit just behind the Smoke in the race for the first ever WPF title. The WPF also recently announced that Sydney Sherrill is the Defensive Player of the Year for the league, a title she knows well.


Muffley and Sandercock are members of Team Alexander for Week 3 of AU, and will start their games on Wednesday August 9th, as AU travels to the LLSWS for four games. Warren, a member of Team Romero will start at 4:30 on ESPN2. All three Seminole alumni will pick back up on Saturday.

Mason and Sherrill also play starting on the 8th, but beginning their playoff push. OKC Spark will get underway first at 6 pm EST, with the Smoke at 8:30 EST. All games broadcasted on