FSU vs Clemson ACC Title Rematch? Possible 5 way tie for second place?

After nearly a decade of dominance in the ACC, Clemson now looks to be a long shot for reaching the conference championship game after suffering its second league loss in as many league games this season, making the overtime victory for FSU that much more enjoyable. Clemson has seemed to correct many of the issues that plagued them against Duke in the season opener, mainly QB play and inconsistency on defense. And it is not far outside the realm of possibility for the deeply talented tigers to turn their season around after early setbacks and win out the rest of their conference games this season. If that was to occur, then for them to still reach the title game they would need some assistance from other schools in the league in the form of losses, every school but one (FSU of course) would need to have at least two conference losses, and Duke would need to lose three, which doesn't seem likely with the way the Blue Devils are playing as of late, and the current depth of quality teams in the ACC this season, after looking over the remaining schedules for current ACC Title contenders a possibility emerged that I would find very intriguing and even comically befitting of the ACC, it would involve a 5 way tie for second place in the conference regular season, the schools involved would all have two losses and many of those against each other, while very unlikely but mathematically possible at this early point of the season, it would play out like this:


Clemson: FSU, Duke

Miami: FSU, Clemson

Duke: FSU, N. Carolina

Louisville: Miami, Duke

North Carolina: Clemson, Miami

ACC tie breaker rules would need to be used to decide a representative for the conference championship game, and head to head victories would not be enough to solve this mess, third or fourth tie breaker rules may be needed and Clemson could emerge as the winner, then a rematch with FSU could still take place as predicted at the seasons beginning, I personally would find this scenario totally awesome, and hope the Noles get a chance to face Tigers again this season, historically it is very difficult to defeat a good team twice in one season, but it would make a incredible match up and give the Noles a chance to beat the Tigers twice and really make Dabo

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