Too Early MVP Canidates 2024


Interested to know, who do you think will end up with a breakout year for the Noles this year. The easy choice would be DJ Uiagalelei. I went back and compared film between him and JT and DJ was definitely the better QB. The separation for me was when it came to intermediate to deep passes. Oftentimes our WR's had to either stop or make some highlight reel type catch that didn't produce a lot of YAC. When it came to DJ on the other hand, his arm strength and placement allowed for his receivers to catch the ball and never break stride. That resulted in a lot of big plays. Barring any crazy injuries or regression by the OL, we can see this offense make last year's offense look like child's play. Get ready to see something special come this fall.

My other pic for MVP this year is going to be Ja'Khi Douglas. The guy has been a big play for FSU since he got here and I think this is the year he's rewarded for his work. I'm not saying that his talent is going to take him over the top. I believe his familiarity and consistency is going to make him comfortable target early on and his big play ability is going to make him that much more valuable as the offense finds itself. For a new QB and a bunch of unproven talent on the offensive side of the ball, his utility will allow this team to grow without handcuffing their potential.


Other players such as Toafili, Hykeem, Morlock or some of the portal guys will definitely have some moments in the sun but I feel like a lot of those guys will be biting from the same piece of pie. Toafili is going to split touches with lot of guys including Douglas. The WR room will be splitting catches as well but Douglas seems to have created a lane for himself where he can line up in the backfield or out wide. Been a proven product at all 3 levels (backfield, intermediate, downfield).

Who do you guys feel is primed for a breakout year?

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