Toughest to beat?


Well now tell us fella', when did you beat FSU? And how would you know?

Proposed NCAA subdivision


College Sports with a per athlete trust fund

Done Deal


Adding Pac 12 teams next year?

Jordan Travis/Trey Benson Tallahassee Ford Commercial (2023)


New commercial featuring Jordan Travis and Trey Benson with a cameo from former FSU football player Jonathan Vickers.

FSU Ice Hockey Club Jerseys Fundraiser Sale


I said I would post when the FSU Ice Hockey Club did their next Jersey Fundraiser Sale. Going on now. Sale ends 2/5/2023

Norvell to ASU??


Poppycock and Fiddle-Faddle

Jimbo repeating history


TAMU this is your team captain, and the one chosen to represent at SEC media days; oops.

Comcast to add ACC Network


Should "light up " in next few week.

Texas and Oklahoma in talks to join the SEC


This along with NIL could be a nuclear bomb to college football. This could start a mad scramble by teams.

Seahawks scared of Terry


Had hoped he was able to find some success, but was doubtful. While a little me first attitude can be helpful, there is a line not to be crossed.