How Nick Saban and his former staff dominate recruiting


Jimbo talks about importance of DEVELOPING players, no mention of Fail last few years at FSU

Boise State's Defensive Coordinator is gone


Leaving on the eve of spring camp is a plus and bonus points if he takes a couple of assistants with him.

PED's at Clemson


If you read the last paragraph of my "Broken" post all I can say is what did I tell you.

FSU ranked 13th overall in return production for next season


Which is good for the 2nd most returning experience in the ACC and 1st among major instate programs.

So it turns out that James Blackman "is not in the transfer portal and has never been in it"


according to Ira Schoffel at Looking forward to hearing what 247's explanation for this foul up is.

The game is far from over for 70-year-old Leonard Hamilton


Great article about Coach Leonard from Andrea Adelson.

Justin Fields Looking to Transfer


Fields local newspaper confirm that he is looking to transfer.

IMDB - In Memoriam 2018


RIP Burt Reynolds

"All you really have in the end are your stories" Burt Reynolds

ESPN Wishful Thinking?


I was looking up playoff rankings and caught a bit of a Freudian Slip by ESPN. I'm sure they'd love to see Alabama's 1st string vs 2nd string in the first round of the playoff, but let's give another team a chance. What do ya say?