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Florida State football film review: Boston College 3rd Quarter

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Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Boston College? Read to find out.

Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

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D/D Yard Formation Result What happened?
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 61 yards to the BC4, M Willis return 71 yards to the FS25, out-of-bounds (JOYNER, L.). Keep missing tackles on special teams by running past the play instead of breaking down and making the tackle. This happens too often. Coverage team didn't stay in lanes.
BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 15:00.
1-10 at Fs25 4-3 C Rettig pass complete to A Amidon for loss of 1 yard to the FS26 (BROOKS, T.;GOLDMAN, E.). WR screen that BC shouldn't have called. 2 FSU defenders on 2 BC receivers, and too slow to develop blocks from incoming OL. Too slow developing a screen and bad numbers = not good for BC.
2-11 at Fs26 4-2-5 C Rettig pass complete to A Amidon for 1 yard to the FS25 (RAMSEY, J.). Another WR screen. This probably wasn't a smart playcall. They ran it to boundary instead of field, but still not able to get help in time.
3-10 at Fs25 3-3-5 C Rettig pass complete to M Willis for no gain to the FS25 (Williams, P.J.), PENALTY FS personal foul 13 yards to the FS12, 1ST DOWN BC, NO PLAY. RB screen. Again no help from blockers, Noles make a play in space. Should have got off the field here, but Terrence Brooks makes a judgment call hit on QB. Note to 31: judgment calls like this go in favor of the QB all the time.
1-10 at Fs12 4-3 A Williams rush for loss of 2 yards to the FS14 (HICKS, D.). Hicks comes unblocked and tackles Williams before he gets to the LOS on a counter. Good job wrapping up.
2-12 at Fs14 3-3-5 C Rettig pass incomplete to J Sinkovec. TE from wing runs a wheel route off play action, well picked up by FSU. Poor throw by Rettig.
3-12 at Fs14 4-2-5 A Williams rush for 8 yards to the FS6 (ANDREWS, N.). Draw play almost catches FSU sleeping. Telvin is shouting adjustments and manages to get his head turned around and trips up Williams, Andrews cleans it up before the first down.
4-4 at Fs06 N Freese field goal attempt from 24 GOOD, clock 11:52.
Florida State 24, Boston College 20 Good defense on this drive. Held them twice. Personal foul gets them 3 points.
Drive: 6 plays, 19 yards, TOP 03:08
N Freese kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, touchback.
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 11:52.
1-10 at Fs25 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to SHAW, K. for 17 yards to the FS42, 1ST DOWN FS (B Jones). Winston finds Shaw on a vertical in the middle of the field.
1-10 at Fs42 11 under center WINSTON, J. pass incomplete to BENJAMIN, K.. Play action, good stunt inside from BC LB chases Winston out of the pocket, tries to hit KB on the sideline, just too far outside.
2-10 at Fs42 10 gun WINSTON, J. pass incomplete to GREENE, R.. Right side of the line lets two men come free, this is either a throw away or a bad overthrow of Greene.
3-10 at Fs42 10 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to BENJAMIN, K. for 24 yards to the BC34, 1ST DOWN FS (S Rositano). Stack right, KB and Greene release vertical and post, respectively. Winston throws to KB in double coverage. Looked like better decision would have been to go to Greene over MOF, but Winston fit it in the window and got the first down. KB helps him out here. Threw it way early.
1-10 at Bc34 20 gun FREEMAN, D. rush for 5 yards to the BC29 (K Pierre-Louis;J Keyes). Pony formation with 8 and 32. Outside zone right for 8, appears to be a miscommunication between 51 and 54. 51 took on a man it appeared 54 could've reached, then it gets a little messy, but Freeman finds 5 yards.
2-5 at Bc29 20 gun WILDER, J. rush for 6 yards to the BC23, 1ST DOWN FS (D Williams). Power left, Matias whiffs and lets a man in the backfield. Wilder makes a good cut to avoid him and find a hole. Good work on a broken play. Jameis will get yelled at for his blocking here, especially with his throwing arm.
1-10 at Bc23 21 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to ABRAM, C. for 5 yards to the BC18, out-of-bounds. Play action, Jameis finds Abram on a flat route. Would probably be a first down if not for BC's field/our cleats issue.
2-5 at Bc18 20 gun FREEMAN, D. rush for 8 yards to the BC10, 1ST DOWN FS (K Edebali). Outside zone from gun. Karlos plays lead blocker for Freeman, does an excellent job getting a good punch on his linebacker and sealing the edge for Freeman. Hart does a great job peeling off combo block and getting to next level. Good blocking and good running.
1-G at Bc10 20 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to GREENE, R. for 10 yards to the BC0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:06. Rashad Greene and Jameis Winston are both excellent players. This is an example of that. Rashad does an inside move and gets the BC corner to flip his hips inside, then moves outside to get separation. He flattens out this route to keep the corner behind him, and Winston throws a ball where only he can get it. Jimbo said this was Jameis' best throw of the game.
AGUAYO, R. kick attempt good. Excellent drive all around. Ran it well, tossed it well after a slow start.
Florida State 31, Boston College 20
Drive: 9 plays, 75 yards, TOP 02:46
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 65 yards to the BC0, D Dudeck return 14 yards to the BC14 (SMITH, TEL.;ANDREWS, N.). Solid work by Reggie Northrup.
BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 09:06.
1-10 at Bc14 4-3 A Williams rush for 2 yards to the BC16 (JERNIGAN, T.). Playside C and G pull around TE. Noles LBs do a good job diagnosing the play. Telvin met by pulling guard, but gets off his block and slows down Williams. Jernigan comes from pursuit after being left unblocked by pulling center.
2-8 at Bc16 4-3 A Williams rush for 9 yards to the BC25, 1ST DOWN BC (JOYNER, L.). Unbalanced to field side. Brooks rotates down into box. BC runs counter trey with misdirection by motioning Amidon to field. Both Walker and Telvin have wrong arm. Telvin not only badly held, but thrown to ground well after whistle. ACC refs very, very loose for this game. Joyner does a good job finishing this up.
1-10 at Bc25 4-3 A Amidon rush for 4 yards to the BC29 (BROOKS, T.). BC goes up tempo. Jet sweep to Amidon to unbalanced side. Brooks rotates down into box pre snap. Lead blocker on the edge tries to cut Brooks, who sheds it, stays on his feet, and gets Amidon down from behind. Excellent play in run support from Brooks.
2-6 at Bc29 3-4 A Williams rush for no gain to the BC29 (GOLDMAN, E.;MCALLISTER, D.). Same personnel as previous 3 plays. McAllister makes a nice play to get off his block. NLS doesn't. McAllister stops him in the backfield and 90 comes in to clean it up. 97 lucky that he didn't get hurt, the way the pile rolled up on his ankle.
3-6 at Bc29 4-1-6 C Rettig pass incomplete to A Amidon. Pass rushing dime package. Jones lines up as rush end, Nate Andrews comes in as Money (replaces Mike) player. BC tried to use stack to beat the press, gets Amidon a good release. Amidon gets separation on the crossing route, but Rettig makes a poor throw. Would be a first down with a good QB. Ramsey gets a little behind the veteran receiver in coverage.
4-6 at Bc29 N Freese punt 31 yards to the FS40, fair catch by SHAW, K.. I'm not so sure Greg Reid doesn't try to take this one. Oh well. Better to catch em than drop em.
Drive: 5 plays, 15 yards, TOP 01:36
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 07:30.
1-10 at Fs40 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass incomplete to BENJAMIN, K. (S Daniels). Winston throws the dig a bit high and early. KB does a good job extending to bring the ball in, but it's jarred loose by the BC LB. If better thrown, KB may be able to get around him.
2-10 at Fs40 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to SHAW, K. for 9 yards to the FS49, out-of-bounds. Packaged zone/bubble play. Numbers in favor of bubble. KB does a good job blocking for Shaw. He must like Shaw more than Christian Green.
3-1 at Fs49 22 I WILDER, J. rush for 7 yards to the BC44, 1ST DOWN FS (K Ramsey). Heavy, short yardage personnel. Brings in 285 pound Newberry and 240 pound Abram. Then they do something funny - they run outside zone, instead of IZ/power. And it works. The OL just does a great job blocking outside zone. Wilder does a good job cutting upfield to get the first down.
1-10 at Bc44 11 gun WINSTON, J. rush for 9 yards to the BC35 (S Rositano). Packaged draw/bubble play. Not too sure what the blocking scheme here was - left side of line appeared to block draw, right side blocked zone. Anyway, Winston keeps, Williams does a good job as lead blocker, and 5 gets some yards.
2-1 at Bc35 11 gun WINSTON, J. rush for 4 yards to the BC31, 1ST DOWN FS (K Pierre-Louis). Check to QB keep. This is checked to quite often when you have a numbers advantage to side back is on in 11 gun. O'Leary is on backside, and whiffs trying to reach an LB, who makes this play. Green grass ahead if Nick can reach him.
1-10 at Bc31 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass incomplete to WILLIAMS, K., PENALTY BC pass interference 15 yards to the BC16, 1ST DOWN FS, NO PLAY. Karlos goes out on a wheel route to boundary side, BC LB just mugs him downfield. Easy call for the ACC refs.
1-10 at Bc16 11 singleback WILLIAMS, K. rush for 5 yards to the BC11 (S Divitto). Outside zone to field side. Karlos impressed with speed on his first carry, and impressed with power/toughness here. Does a good job letting his blocks get set up and running behind his pads. Makes violent contact with first defender 2 yards past LOS, then drags him up field. Impressive power and toughness on display.
2-5 at Bc11 11 singleback WILLIAMS, K. rush for 10 yards to the BC1, 1ST DOWN FS (S Divitto;K Edebali). Inside zone right. Just well blocked, Karlos finds the hole and hits it hard. Boston College is really struggling to bring him down. Brutal kid to tackle.
1-G at Bc01 goal line WILLIAMS, K. rush for no gain to the BC1 (S Divitto). McDaniel in as extra goal line blocker. Line gets good push, but BC LB does a good job shedding a block on the back side and bringing Karlos down just past the LOS. Have to get that cut off.
2-G at Bc01 goal line WILLIAMS, K. rush for 1 yard to the BC0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:42. Jimbo lets his guys get TDs. When an RB has been focal point of a drive, he gets the rock until he scores. Karlos gets over top of the line to score. Great push, and great push in the hole from Abram.
AGUAYO, R. kick attempt good. Good, sustained drive. Efficient and methodical. Really starting to wear down BC.
Florida State 38, Boston College 20
Drive: 9 plays, 60 yards, TOP 03:48
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 62 yards to the BC3, M Willis return 18 yards to the BC21 (ELIGWE, U.). Eligwe makes a great tackle in space. He and Ramsey have been my special teams MVPs of the year, so far.
BOSTON COLLEGE drive start at 03:42.
1-10 at Bc21 4-3 C Rettig pass complete to M Willis for 9 yards to the BC30 (RAMSEY, J.). Defense lines up in a more familar front: Jernigan as a 1/0, Goldman as a 3. Quick game from BC, back is wide open in flat. Ramsey is late to the curl/flat zone. Casher does an excellent job shedding a cut and nearly getting a hand on this. Good instincts.
2-1 at Bc30 4-3 M Willis rush for 4 yards to the BC34, 1ST DOWN BC (SMITH, TEL.). Counter trey. Eligwe gets incorrect arm positioning here. Telvin does a good job filling.
1-10 at Bc34 5-2 C Rettig pass incomplete. Rollout, which looks like a designed run. Uses Noles defense's aggressiveness against itself. Nowhere for Rettig to go, he throws it away.
2-10 at Bc34 4-2-5 C Rettig rush for loss of 1 yard to the BC33, out-of-bounds (JONES, C.), PENALTY FS personal foul 15 yards to the BC48, 1ST DOWN BC. Rollout right, nothing for Rettig to throw to, he tries to run out of bounds. Jones needs to not hit him here, although he was in bounds. Like with Brooks' PF earlier, QB will get the benefit of the doubt more often than not. Again BC gets a little too scrappy/extracurricular on the sidelines. This program is ridiculous with this, year after year.
1-10 at Bc48 4-3 C Rettig pass complete to M Willis for 52 yards to the FS0, 1ST DOWN BC, TOUCHDOWN, clock 02:10. 4-3, Noles in Cover 3. BC throws wheel route, no one's able to stop it. This is two issues here. Joyner gets out of his zone far too early. If he was in his deep third, this stays in front of him and isn't a touchdown. Hicks does a poor job recognizing the play, thinking run, and doesn't drop deep enough into his flat zone. But this is mostly on Joyner. Hicks' assignment isn't to follow this RB out of the backfield, it's to flat zone and try to chip or tackle the back after play action. Joyner's supposed to be in his deep third, and he bailed on it thinking it was a half field read. Major mental mistake from the senior. Good play design from BC, though. Rollout left, drew deep defenders to left, and wheel route right.
N Freese kick attempt good.
Florida State 38, Boston College 27
Drive: 5 plays, 79 yards, TOP 01:32
N Freese kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, WHITFIELD, K. return 17 yards to the FS17 (J Keyes). Not a great return. Definitely should have kept that one in the end zone
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 02:10.
1-10 at Fs17 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to BENJAMIN, K. for 41 yards to the BC42, 1ST DOWN FS (C. Jones). Benjamin runs a vertical route, makes an excellent move off the line to get behind the corner and he just goes. Winston puts beautiful touch on pass, and KB catches it in stride. Great throw and catch, with a well run route from Benjamin.
1-10 at Bc42 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass incomplete to GREENE, R.. We sped it up a little bit on this drive. Four man rush from BC. BC LB stones and knocks over Freeman, Winston has to get the ball out. Overthrows sideline pass to Greene.
2-10 at Bc42 11 singleback FREEMAN, D. rush for loss of 2 yards to the BC44 (J Keyes). Zone run to field. O'Leary motions from boundary to field side, then he whiffs on a block. He's been very solid blocking this year, but just misses this one. Nowhere for Freeman to go when he bounces it outside.
3-12 at Bc44 11 pistol WINSTON, J. rush for 20 yards to the BC24, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds (S Rositano). Excellent vision from Winston. Sees running lane open up, cuts outside and lets Freeman spring him free. Winston shows surprising speed. He's a clumsy-looking runner because of his long legs, but he has very solid quickness and deceptive speed.
1-10 at Bc24 11 gun FREEMAN, D. rush for 15 yards to the BC9, 1ST DOWN FS (K Kavalec). Outside zone to boundary. Well-blocked all around. Rashad Greene maintains block long enough to spring Freeman. Freeman decimates 47, BC's safety. Just levels him. Knocks him to the ground and runs over him. Just an excellently blocked and run zone play. Really good vision and running from Freeman. Don't think the other 2 backs get the additional 10 yards here.
1-G at Bc09 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to GREEN, C. for loss of 3 yards to the BC12 (M Asprilla). Packaged zone/bubble. Numbers dictate bubble, Christian Green gets it and gets hit in the backfield. Once again, Kelvin Benjamin misses block on bubble for CG. Poor kid just gets no luck. Throws the ball in frustration, needs to not do that.