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Florida State opponent review: Wake Forest at Clemson

So it turns out Wake is really bad. Clemson housed them.

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Summarizing Thoughts

Most complete game of the season so far from Clemson. Offense played well all around and defense cut them to bits. WF may not have been a good test for our Safeties like they needed but at least its experience.

The truth is that WF has no players besides Campanaro and Whitlock, and it shows. I'm not sure why they took Price out, because he gives them the best shot at winning at QB. He's going to hit Campanaro every chance he gets. They couldn't do anything in the 2nd half because they never got him the ball with these backups. Maybe Grobe just gave up. I don't see his offense playing that hard, which is abnormal for his teams.

Clemson defense played one of their best games in the last 3 seasons against a BCS opponent. Clemson allowed 2/14 on 3rd downs, 222 total yards (162 pass/60 rush) and 1.9 ypc. DL was in the backfield all day, with good games from Williams, Grady Jarrett, Josh Watson, Corey Crawford and Victor Beasley. I'm wondering why I still don't see Reader raising hell inside like last season.

Our offense just jumped into the rhythm with the first easy score. That probably did it more than any calls or tempo. It came easy for Tajh and he just played after that, he didn't press.

WR Blocking was almost night & day compared to the last game. 3 drops in the passing game though.

I think that both Norton and Guillermo were not 100% today, but Guillermo was not ready for Whitlock. Kalon Davis was clearly out of gas by the 4th QTR and needs to continue getting in better shape if he wants to press Beasley. We still have an issue at RT and I don't see Anthony as the long term answer right now if we want to play for a Title. Thomas at RT and Battle at LT is the only solution in both pass and run.

The only other thing is again that Chad does not force the run game like he does Tajh in the passing game. If he did I think we'd be much more consistent when we do have to run the ball.

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