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Florida State Football Practice: 10/22

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The Noles took to the indoor practice facility again on Tuesday as they continue preparation for Saturday's game against NC State.

Streeter Lecka

It was a rainy day in Tallahassee on Tuesday as the Florida State Seminoles took to the indoor practice facility, and they took advantage as they remained inside. The players were in full pads.

UPDATE: Matthew Thomas will have shoulder surgery and will miss the remainder of the season. He will apply for a medical redshirt, but I'm not sure he gets it. Might be too deep into the season.

James Wilder Jr. was at practice today, but still not dressed out due to his concussion.

Matthew Thomas was in full pads on Tuesday. He wasn't mentioned in yesterday's report because I wanted to wait to see if he would be in pads and participating.

Roberto Aguayo made three straight field goals from an extreme angle - basically on the sideline, 26 yards out. Dustin Hopkins used to do this.

There was a scout from the San Diego Chargers was at Tuesday's practice watching the offensive line closely.

Jimbo Fisher will speak after practice and we'll bring you any updates from that.