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Florida State Football: Comment Section Quarterback - Second chances.

Second down. What to do? Comment section quarterback it.

Streeter Lecka

Second down, mid-field.

Up by 7.

Defensively, you've pretty much dominated the opponent.

Your first-down effort failed. Take the reins of the offense.

You get to the line, see the following defense, and check your offense into the right play. Run it? Throw it? Some trickeration? (Seriously, though, if you use that word unsarcastically I don't want to talk to you.)

Florida State vs. Northern Illinois - 2013 Orange Bowl

Remember the rules:

  1. WAIT to view the play result.
  2. Pretend you're the quarterback.
  3. Read the pre-snap setup of the defense (picture embedded).
  4. Vote in the poll what type of play you would check to.
  5. Defend your play-call in the comment section. Did your call match the actual one? Does the offense run the best possible play here, given NIU's pre-snap setup? What do you or don't you like about the actual play-call? What does the defensive alignment possible tell you about what to expect from NIU's D on this play? Points for logic & punctuation.
  6. NOW you can check out the actual play (video embedded) :)

Pre-snap Read

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Play Result