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Florida State Football Win Prediction Poll - Post-Spring Practice 2013

We give you the schedule. You give us the likelihood of a Noles win. We return to you the groupthink. You make us a sandwich?

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

You know the drill. You give us percentages on each game. For instance, you could say that FSU has an 80% chance of beating Maryland (0.80), or that they have a 50% chance to beat UF (0.50). We then add up those odds for you, and you get the regular season win totals.

Mathematically, you specify a non-negative real number for your degree of belief in a particular game's outcome. You do this instead of a choosing a binary response (0 or 1) to indicate your level of confidence in that game. Assigning a win percentage of more (less) than 0.50 means you're inclined to predict the game as a Nole win (loss) - just not every time. A win percentage of 1 (0) means FSU wins this game 100 (0) times out of 100.

This is your chance to show TN how good or bad you think Florida State will be against its 2013 slate of regular season foes. It's simple.

Click here to take the survey.

Here is a running total of the average conference and total wins for the Seminoles as predicted by survey takers. Also, a link to the actual responses.