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Noles News 07/31: Jimbo does ESPN and doesn't say much new

Streeter Lecka

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Carwash: Jimbo Fisher hit the ESPN circuit yesterday, doing TV, radio and print interviews. From the early returns, he said absolutely nothing new. One thing I do want to see is whether Fisher's claim that the 2013 team will have more upperclassmen starters than the 2012 squad. That's something we can't find out until after fall camp, which starts in six days.

Here's FSU QB recruit J.J. Cosentino tweeting to Jameis Winston and James Wilder to beat Pitt. Cosentino is from Pittsburgh.

Alabama's 3-4: Impact Plays via the Zone Blitz | The Key Play
Good stuff here on the types of blitzes Florida State will eventually run. How much will be run in 2013, or rather how much variation, is as of yet undetermined.

Award lists: several Seminoles make the cut






More news and fun pieces!

Miami fans are really confident.

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