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Florida State ranked 12th in 2013 preseason Coaches Poll

Is Florida State's ranking too high or too low?


Florida State ranks 12th in the 2013 USA Today Preseason Coaches Poll. Let's take a look how FSU started and finished in the previous 6 seasons.

End of the Bowden Era:

Despite finishing 7-6 in 2006, Florida State starts 2007 ranked 21. Finishing with another 7-6 season, the 'Noles are unranked in the final standings.

After two 7-6 seasons, the 'Noles start the 2008 season unranked. The 'Noles would go on to finish the season with a 9-4 record and stomp Wisconsin in the bowl game. It was enough to slip inside the final ranking at 23.

2009, the last year of the Bowden Era, FSU starts the year ranked 19. Florida State goes on to finish with yet another 7-6 season and outside of the final rankings.

Fisher's First Three Years:

The first year of Fisher's tenure, the 'Noles start the 2010 season ranked 20. After a 10-4 campaign and a trip to the ACC title game, Florida State finishes the year ranked 16.

Expectations were high entering Fisher's sophomore season. After a first year of so much improvement, Florida State starts the 2011 season ranked 5. The 'Noles finish 9-4 with 3 early season losses and wins against UF and Notre Dame to end the year. The final ranking is well below the season's start at 23.

Despite an underwhelming 2011 season, FSU starts 2012 ranked 7. After an ACC championship and Orange Bowl win, Florida State's final ranking is 8, almost right where they started.

Florida State started the 2011 and 2012 ranked in the top 10. That is the first top 10 back to back starts since a long string of top 10 starts was snapped in 2003.

What do you think of this year's ranking? Too high? Too low? Will Florida State finish above or below this years Preseason Coaches Poll?