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Florida State football 2013 fall camp: Jimbo Fisher introductory press conference


Join us at 12:15 for Jimbo Fisher's introductory press conference for the 2013 Florida State football season. Dustin Tackett and Spencer Wills will be on the scene covering for us live.

We will, of course, have the live stream embedded here, and Tackett and Wills will be posting updates in the comments section.

While we wait, be sure to read up on our 2013 Florida State football fall camp series: offense | defense

Also, if you have not been keeping up with our player previews, now is a great time to do so. We are about a third through, and will finish up the other 50 or so in August. Here are a few.

Special teams: Cason Beatty Roberto Aguayo

Also, be sure to check back Tuesday evening for a recap of the first day of practice!