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Review the preview: Florida State 48, Boston College 34

Jim Rogash

After every Florida State game, we review how the Seminoles did before garbage time, and measure it against the goals set out in the preview. Florida State solidly defeated Boston College 48-34, which was about 30 more points total than expected.

The game was over when... the clock hit 0:00. There was no garbage time in the game.

Offense (3/3)

Florida State's offense was not perfect, but it played very well.

More than 7.0 yards a play before garbage time (350 yards on 50 plays, 420 yards on 60 plays, 490 yards on 70 plays)

FSU's offense exceeded this goal once again, putting up 7.8 yards/play (489 yards on 63 plays).

No more than 1 turnover

Check. Jameis Winston had one interception, which was partially his fault, and likely also partially the fault of receiver Kelvin Benjamin. FSU did fumble once, but the ball bounced right back to the running back. FLUCK.

75% or greater TDs in the red zone

Check. Three touchdowns and a field goal.

Defense (1/3)

The defense was not good, but it was not as bad as some believed it to be. As you'll see in Spencer Wills' field position article Monday, BC started three drives inside Florida State's 40 yard line thanks to poor special teams play. And an incorrect personal foul erased a coming third-&-11 stop and the resulting play was a 52-yard touchdown pass.

Less than 4.5 yards/play allowed before garbage time (225 yards on 50 plays, 270 yards on 60 plays, 315 yards on 70 plays).

The goal was 4.5 yards/play or less, and FSU surrendered 5.4. That is unacceptable. 397 on 73 plays. Wake Forest allowed 5.23. Wake Forest.

Force 2 turnovers

FSU picked off Rettig twice, and scored on one. Oh, and this is the most luck-influenced of the goals.

Less than 50-percent touchdowns allowed in the red zone.

Almost OK. The goal is less than 50%. Again, this is why we break it down into components. That BC reached the red zone so many times (six) can mostly be attributed to the defense, but the red zone defense as a whole was almost OK, allowing three touchdowns in those six opportunities. The tight end is still open.