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VIDEO: Jameis Winston speaks about Florida State's win over Pitt

Justin K. Aller

Here are some quotes from Jameis Winston, who had the most incredible debut for a freshman quarterback, maybe in the history of college football. At least in recent memory.

Watch Jimbo Fisher's post-game video here

Enter Jameis

"Of course I had butterflies. I mean, if you don't got butterflies, you not a football player."

"... the reason I was having a good night is because the guys around me was having a better night than I was, and I knew that we were going to come out there, and we devoted ourself out there, we laid it out on the line, and we had a great night."

"... the best thing is when you get hit, and you look up and see, hey, we got the first down."

"I got protected all night. When it's coming that easy like that, and I got protection like that, and I got guys to throw the ball to on my left side, and my right side, and I got running backs behind me protecting me, I mean, any quarterback could go out there."